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Special adhesive set for women's masks
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This special adhesive set is excellently suited for our professional women's masks.You can also wear our...
Women's Mask Laura
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High-quality women's mask of the brand "RedRose" With the new "Laura Women's Mask" from the RedRose brand,...
Women's Mask Samantha
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Women's Mask SamanthaIn small work lovingly hand-made women's mask Samantha pre-made, make-up and...
Silicone mask Ildiko
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Ildiko silicone mask High quality silicone mask made of silicone, extremely feminized, without wig. Make-up...
Women's Mask Liza
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With light make-up you can make Liza make-up and also make up again. Made of particularly high-quality,...
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Women's masks 

Women's masks for crossdressers for extravagant femininity

In our Crossdresser Online Shop you will find numerous products for transgender people, including women's masks. Women's masks are a special highlight when it comes to the feminine appearance. We offer three masks of high quality, lovingly handcrafted and provided with attractive make-up. These adapt optimally to your face and can be made up with creative make-up if required.

Frauenmaske Ildiko

Silicone mask Ildiko

Soft facial features and full lips are part of the women's mask Ildiko. Here the female component with all fazettes is in the foreground. Natural pigmentation gives you a realistic and feminine appearance. With the incorporation of the eyebrows in the mask, an additional image is so natural that you as a woman go through easily.


Frauenmaske Liza

Women's Mask Liza

The women's mask Liza is even more glamorous. With her make-up she underlines the feminine facial features and convinces with her clean skin. Would you like to underline your elegance even more? Use a dark and shiny lipstick and put your mask lips in the spotlight! Also some glitter on the cheeks contributes to a shimmering appearance.


Frauenmaske Samantha

Women's Mask Samantha

The women's mask Samantha is a bit more distinctive, but she skilfully shows her femininity.

With narrower eye openings, widened cheekbones and the more voluminous lower lip, a dreamlike feminine appearance is created, which is further underlined with the bright make-up.


Handmade for realistic appearance

Of course, there are countless masks that provide an appealing individuality in addition to the carnival season. Your transgender shop has three women's masks ready for you, which provide a realistic appearance. Machine-made masks seem rather unnatural, so we decided on the lovely handiwork. Because this offers a uniqueness that you won't find anywhere else.


Fancy a women's mask?
As transgender, bring your femininity to the fore!

Now you stand in front of the mirror, ready to go out and feel comfortable in your crossdresser clothes. But perhaps there is still something missing? Being a woman doesn't just mean walking in high heels and wearing a matching wig. The female facial features also play a role in the external beauty.

As transgender, it is certainly not so easy to give the eyes the feminine shine, the nose the narrower and straighter shape and the volume of the lips. Don't worry, because there are women's masks for that.

Women's masks show the feminist side in particular. Eyes, nose and lips are made like a realistic imitation and professionally crafted in loving craftsmanship. They show what's in women and highlight female accents.


Basic look with prefabricated make-up

Mund und Lippen der Frauenmaske Liza

Putting on the mask is quick and even more nimble is the make-up in your face. Because the women's mask already has a basic look, which provides the feminine look with a little blush, lipstick and eyeshadow. So you save time and enjoy professional make-up.

Do you want to get creative and live out your make-up skills to the full? You can do this with the professional women's mask. The already applied make-up creates the basis for a creative and coloured new discovery. Use blush, kajal pencil and lipstick and customize this coloured combo of your type!

A tip on the side: Coloured contact lenses fit into beautiful make-up and give your feminine look another appealing touch!

In order to represent the naturalness of a woman as realistically as possible, the worked skin on the women's mask is particularly finely worked. It leaves you enough air to breathe based on the openings on your nose and mouth and you can look through the eye openings with your eyes as normal. With the professional women's mask you have an ideal freedom of movement. Whether you're drinking, eating or laughing, your mask adapts to facial expressions and gives you all the freedom you want.


Pleasant wearing using synthetic silicone polymers

The women's masks are made of silicone, which makes it easier to wear and feels very comfortable. Consisting of silicone polymers, the mask adapts to your face and lies like a thin second skin over it. Silicone brings many positive properties that you can benefit from in every way:

a) Creates a clean face image
b) Adapts to your face without wrinkles
c) Breathable and water vapour permeable
d) Is very well tolerated

You may be known for silicone breasts, which are realistic and flexible to use. You can see how profitable silicones are and how easy it is to process them optimally into a women's mask.


Klebeset für Frauenmasken

Natural appearance due to optional gluing

You can put our women's masks on your face as normal. The silicone itself provides the supple effect. You can get an even more realistic appearance with your gluing. Here, your actual facial expressions transfer all facial features to the mask.

How does it work? With our special adhesive set, consisting of a glue and solver, talcum powder and brush.

If you run your forehead, it will be transferred to your mask. If you raise your eyebrows, your mask's eyebrows will move as well.

If you shape your lips into a kiss mouth, the mask lips will do the same. You notice that a women's mask looks just as realistic as you do and also offers a feminine touch that can be seen.


Augenbrauen und Augen schminken einer Frauenmaske

Individual make-up to your liking

You can make up each of our women's masks individually. The best use is soft products as well as cream or powder! If you want to remove the make-up, you can resort to normal gentle make-up cloths or cleansing milk. So that you have long pleasure in your women's mask, you should not use hard kajal pencils or creams with peeling parts!

You get the perfect femininity with a women's mask and the matching wig! Take a look around our transgender shop and discover a variety of products that make you uniquely feminine!

Can we do you some more good? Please ask us if you miss a product or if you have questions about a specific item!