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Shorthair Wigs

Shorthair Wigs

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Human hair wigs


Beginner Wig - New

Wigs special sale ❤️ length, color selectable
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Cheap medium-length wigs and long-hair wigs in different colors.Special sale - only while stocks last!
Wig Disc
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Feminie shorthaired wig "Disk".Monofilament & Tresse, Synthetic Hair
Wig "Jamila Plus"
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Great medium length wig "Jamila Plus"Monofilament & Tresse, Synthetic Hair
Sun Look - Gisela Mayer
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Sun Look artificial hair wig by Gisela Mayer.
Sun Page - Wig - Gisela Mayer
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Sun Page artificial hair wig by Gisela Mayer.
Blonde Wig
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Blonde, gorgeous brand wig with wild pony.The blonde artificial hair wig has a monofilament in the front...
Maya - Gisela Mayer
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Maya artificial hair wig by Gisela Mayer.
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Wigs for transgender people?

Wigs are as diverse as the crossdresser clothes themselves.

They have to match the clothing style and to you.

A distinction is made between human hair, artificial hair and mix.

These hair shapes provide the perfect basis for a well-fitting wig.

halblange Perücke in unserem Transgender Shop

Human hair wigs, as the name suggests, are made of real hair. Quality plays a major role here. Because real hair must always be cared for, need shine and contribute to a realistic appearance. If you choose a human hair wig, you can expect an appealing feel. Depending on the hair thickness and shape of the hair, the wig adapts perfectly to your head and can be worn to all activities in everyday life.

The special highlight of human hair wigs is the further processing. If you fancy a different hair color or prefer curls instead of smooth hair, this is no problem with a human hair wig. Human hair wigs can be treated like real hair without any problems with all offers from the commercially available specialist market.

With us you will find what you are looking for!
For the perfect transformation from man to woman, a wig is needed. Whether short hair wig or long hair wig: Both shapes can put you in the limelight and underline your clothing style in particular.

Perfection with human hair or artificial hair wig

Langhaarperücke erhältlich bei

Artificial hair wigs can also underline your attractive appearance.

Here, artificial hair fibers made of pure syntheticarem are used, which are noticeable in easy wearing. Visually, artificial hair wigs resemble their own hair and can be cared for as usual.

If you want to wear an artificial hair wig as a transgender person, you can style it as you wish. Artificial hair is easy to care for and retains its original appearance after cleaning.
In contrast to a human hair wig, however, you should avoid a large heat effect (smoothing iron, curling stick).

Shorthair or longhair?
As a transgender person, you face many challenges, such as choosing between shorthair edge and longhair wig. Both forms have that certain something.

In recent years, the trend has been towards female short hairstyles. No wonder, because short hair looks cheeky, modern and easy to maintain.
Nevertheless, it always depends on the shape of the face.

As a trangender, of course, it becomes a bit difficult to show feminine curves on the face.

Kurzhaarperücke ideal für Crossdresser

However, there are facial shapes that appear particularly harmonious and balanced with short hair:

• Oval face shape (perfect for short hair)
• Round face shape (short hair with a lot of height upwards, neck hair a little longer)
• Triangular face (short hair wig with hair on the neck and curls.)
• Square face shape (short hair wig with volume on the top)
• Heart-shaped face shape (short hair wig as bobcut)

Transgender know women have long hair. This looks down-to-earth and sexy and can be adapted in many ways. Long hair wigs are the ideal option for this. Especially oval and round face shapes are harmoniously underlined with long hair. If you tie your long hair wig to a braid or with a brace upwards, you will also achieve looseness and elegant appearance.

Can't decide which hair length would be right for you? You can find a variety of possibilities on the web by searching for "Wigstyler".
Whether short hair or longhair, with red, brown or blond color!

Transgender Shop makes you special!

Zubehör & Pflegemittel für deine Perücke

If you want to perfect your crossdresser clothes and get closer to being a woman st, choose your individual wig!

In our transgender shop you will find short and long hair wigs in different lengths (shoulder length, half-length), made of real hair and artificial hair.

Take care of your wig so you can have fun with it for a long time! All toiletries can be found in our online shop under Accessories!

We wish you a lot of fun choosing your wig.

Again, if you don't like or like something, you can simply return or exchange the wig.