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Gaff Slip Camel, Vagina Slip V-String Sale!
Gaff Slip Camel
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Perfect female look in the genital area Camel Gaff HINT: You can find Cameltoe...
Cameltoe Gaff Slip
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A very inexpensive way to feminize your intimate area under the clothes.
V-Slip Janine - lifelike recreated vagina
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Vagina-Slip Janine very realistic and conjures you a lifelike vagina!
Vagina Panties - Magic Ocean
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Vagina Panties »Magic Ocean« Become a woman in a few moments.
Vagina Panties - Magic Sky
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Vagina Panties »Magic Sky« Become a woman in seconds.
Vagina Panties - Magic Star
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Vagina Panties "Magic Star" The replica and highly realistic vagina is handmade and adapts to your body...
Silicone Vagina String »Sky«
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Silicone Vagina String »Sky« ❤️ Silky soft, wafer-thin lifelike vagina replica ❤️
Vagina Pants - V-Slip
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Vagina Pants - V-Slip Vagina Pants - V-Slip in Red, Black, White or Beige. You can choose between sizes S,...
Silicone Vagina String »Ocean«
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Silicone Vagina String »Ocean« ❤️ Wafer-thin, seidenweiche, lifelike silkon vagina replica ❤️
Silicone Vagina String »Star«
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Silicone Vagina Thong »Star« ❤️ Faithfulsilicone vagina replica - fully penetrable. ❤️ with already...
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Vagina Slip V-String 

Vagina Slip V-String

Artificial vagina
Pants, Briefs & Strings

In the search engines, the search for artificial vagins mainly spits out sex toys for men.

These are less meant when it comes to the transgender shop. Because there is the possibility to equip yourself with artificial vagins even without surgery.

Like breast prostheses, an artificial vagina is usually made of silicone and is an authentic replica. The variations are extensive.

This applies to the color as well as the type of wear.

Trans women, transgender and crossdressers can thus choose an optimal vagina, which even offers the possibility of penetration.

These models are available:
Of course, an artificial vagina must above all be good to wear and show an authentic shape. Only then will it provide a good and comfortable feeling.

If you want to imitate female forms, you can reach for a brief in which buttocks are incorporated. In most models, the vagina is portable with a brief.

Alternatively, there are strings, these are almost invisible. Even from models with artificial pubic hair can be chosen.

Many vagina replicas are also penetrating. As a result, they are not only visually close to the female sex. This allows masturbation, as the glans is massaged.

In general, it is a good alternative for those who choose not to have surgery. Crossdressers also get their money's worth, as they receive the authentic replica of the female sex organ.

In addition, there are models that are simply pulled over the penis. They last exclusively through straps. Similar to the string, they are therefore almost invisible and give an authentic feeling.

This also makes them an optimal solution for transgender, trans women and anyone who wants to experience the feeling of a vagina. Artificial vagins therefore offer good alternatives to surgery.

It does not matter whether people voluntarily decide against it or not have the opportunity.