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Service for transgender people 

Service für Transgender, Transident & Crossdresser

The transformation from man to woman brings with it many hurdles.

But who actually says when everything is really perfect, and is there a service for transgender people?

Yes, there is and it covers a wide range of areas.

Female curves, feminization and transformation from man to woman, such as make-up, clothing, hair styling, running and gestures to voice formation.

Special Trade - Specialized online trading for the increase in femininity

Behind are the well-intentioned Special Trade Ladys. With a lot of heart, wit and wit, they offer you a selected range of aids and accessories for your transformation from man to woman. The creative company was founded in 2005 as a sole proprietorship - and enjoys great popularity as a partner for transgender, transgender, crossdressers and transvestites.

Market-leading special equipment for bodyforming

In the meantime, Special Trade is regarded as the market leader for special equipment with high-quality products for body shaping. Silicone breasts and body shape parts can be found here alongside push-up trousers, corsets and upholstery trousers to explore your individual, feminine silhouette in an optimal and uncomplicated way. In addition, the special trade team offers a wide range of extras, the need of which is only apparent when the transformation from man to woman is apparent. Magical shoes in oversizes, wigs and professional cosmetics can be found here as well as eyelashes, adhesives and dresses in various styles.

In Nuremberg, a spacious showroom awaits the discovery, in which the great team focuses on the happiness of the customers: Comprehensive advice, innovative workshops and of course a large selection of classics, trendy parts and highlights for different styles can not only be seen here, but actively tested. The team is therefore also available for individual questions and personal answers, so that you can feel completely at home in your new femininity. as a partner of Special-Trade

In our world, unfortunately, a lot of things are geared towards selfishness - but we at it is important that you always find the right products for your wishes. And also with our great partner in the extraordinary scene of femininity for the man. As a transgender, transident or crossdresser you will find great, high-quality products for your further look at and also with us.

Transgender Service Elli Hunter - Being a woman you can learn

With Elli Hunter we introduce you to a special personality who has perfected the art of femininity - and reveals her tips and tricks around "being a woman". Exceptional and specialized workshops, styling & photo service with passion and a wide range of individual and group offers invite you to rediscover the world of transformation from man to woman and to develop your individual style.

Working with many years of experience for high-level transgender people

transgender-service-elli-hunter-2Since 2002, Elli Hunter has been offering its comprehensive range of services in Bavaria.

This inner development is more than desired side effects if you choose Elli Hunter courses in one-to-one classes or in a seminar group.

"Transness is a Personality Extension" -Transgender Service Elli Hunter

At Elli Hunter, the fun of the transformation and the living out of the female sides become an individual component of personal everyday life. With her philosophy, "Transness is not a personality split, but a personality extension", she helps you to discover a new level of your individuality in your courses, and to shape it according to your wishes - completely regardless of whether you only want to become a man or a woman permanently on individual days of the year or permanently.

Elli Hunter leads by example: she has turned her passion for transformation into a profession and shows you with her offer the variety of colorful possibilities that lie ahead of you, if you make your own way of femininity today or even tomorrow.

Elli Hunter - our special partner for the successful transformation

We recommend from the Shop Transgender the great courses and offers of Elli Hunter. ston your website and let her inspire you, just as we stand by you for your journey of discovery for femininity.

Transgender Service for Female Proportions

It is well known that female curves do not arise on their own in transgender people, but something needs to be done about them. Just how? With a transgender service, you can achieve your female proportions and learn a lot about whole and partial body products. If you take part in a workshop, you benefit from like-minded people who, like you, want to have more femininity. You will learn everything about corsets and bodices and receive valuable tips on purpose, the right lacing and handling.

Female proportions can also be created at the hip and buttocks. Try it, with hip pads and panties!

Attractive femininity includes body depilation and cosmetics. These areas also cover a professional service for transgender people. You will learn practical basics for depilation and its methods.

With cosmetics, female traits can be particularly emphasized. Colour-matching make-up can be applied with individual make-up technology. There are differences between daytime and evening make-up.

Learn everything from a transgender service to cosmetics, artificial eyelashes, wig care and artificial fingernails!

Tip: "Beautiful lips should be kissed!" I think every one of us hears this saying at least once in our lives. But this includes not only the view of the essentials, but female lips that formally invite you to kiss.

You can achieve this with a matching lipstick that matches your color type and puts you in the spotlight!



Transgender Service for beautiful legs

Let's face it: Beautiful legs are nice to look at and not just when sitting.

Beautiful legs can do much more. They can move perfectly, perform safely and show what is in them. With a running training for beautiful legs you are one big step ahead. Because here you learn to move safely, to put your legs in the spotlight and to act confidently.

This service is not only enjoyed by models who have to walk safely on a catwalk. For transgender people, this all-in-one service offers a variety of engaging exercises and tips.


  • Correct choice of footwear and stockings
  • Running and standing with high heels
  • Walking stairs and on cobblestones
  • Proper posture and movement
  • Arm movements to each gear
  • Carrying a shoulder bag
  • Depilation, foot care and decorative foot cosmetics

Fancy photos in the new crossdressing?

The silicone breasts sit, the high heels fit and you feel completely comfortable with your crossdressing? Then it's time for photos. Of course, you can take selfies yourself until your arm falls off and works with filters to make the make-up work according to your wishes. You can also approach it more professionally and use a transgender service. There are numerous studios that like to be there for transgender people and with their snapshots that highlight femininity.

The photo studios for transgender people offer an additional candy with their service of styling and make-up. So you can indulge in the experiences of the photographer and let yourself be styled according to your wishes.