Superrealistic halfbody Janina

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Halfbody Janina

Don't you want to become a woman in a matter of seconds? With the Janina halfbody you are already taking a huge step in this direction.

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Thanks to the Janina half body, you can now make your torso look feminine at lightning speed! It is also very pleasant to wear the Janina half body. To put on, simply pull the Janina over your head, then adjust your measurements with the rear fastening strap, hook in and your torso looks perfectly feminine.

So sieht unser Superrealistischer Halbbody Janina angezogen aus.

The no-membrane technology is to be thanked that the super-realistic half-body Janina has such a realistic appearance - the surface is hardly distinguishable from real skin - both in appearance and in appearance!

Janina has an extra high neckline so you can wear whatever you want without having to hide much.

Another great feature is the secure hold of the Janina halfbody - so you never need to be afraid, for example, it could "fail" or slip.

Overall, Janina is really highly recommended and a perfect solution for a quick and absolutely stunning transformation into a woman!

You can choose between 2 versions of the great halfbody.

In response to some buyers' desire not to carry too much weight, we offer a lighter version filled with latex foam.

Of course, there is also a full-silicone version for Janina.

All important features (sizes, dimensions and weights) can be read at the end of the page in the 2 tables. A perfectly fitting size will certainly be there for you as well. Which cup size you reach in the end depends not least on your own body measurements. If you need help accordingly, please let us know your values (size, weight, underbust width) with the help of our contact form.



Suppose you choose the Janina torso in its latex foam version, then you will still have a very comfortable wearing feeling even after wearing it for a long time.
If you opt for the full silicone version (this is slightly lighter from the skin color), then you have to drag a little more on your shoulders, but you will also notice that the breasts still seem a little bit of life- real, because the rocking of the breasts while walking, running or jumping is indistinguishable from a real breast.

Also the nipples, which also look deceptively real, are excellently incorporated into the superrealistic half body Janina.

The Janina half body should be cleaned with lukewarm water and some mild soap. After washing, it is important to let Janina dry in the air. After that, the torso is ready for the next bet. You will be sure to be thrilled by the half-body Janina!

Questions that are often asked about the Janina halfbody:

1) Does the full-silicone version have a similar skin image to that of latex ??
Yes, the skin is almost like real skin in both versions. With the silicone version slightly brighter.

2) Are the breasts of the full-silicone torso harder than those of the latex torso ??
No, the silicone is slightly softer than latex - this is simply due to the material properties.

3) Does the rocking of the breasts in the full-silicone torso look like the real breasts?
Yes, there is hardly any difference.

4) Can the full-silicone torso also be worn for a longer period of time, as when sleeping?
Yes, you can also wear all the breasts we offer when you sleep.

5 ) Can there also be a video about the differences - please?
Yes, here you will find a video of Jasmine.

Silicone breasts sizeB, C, D, E, F, H, J, K
Silicone blend"Latex foam" (lower weight) or "full silicone" (slightly lighter skin tone)
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Super dieser shop

    Locky Samathon

    absolute Spitzenqualität

    Ich bin sehr zufrieden - einfach toll. Mein Ausschnitt, Brustspalte kommt voll zur Geltung.

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      Superrealistic halfbody Janina

      Superrealistic halfbody Janina

      Halfbody Janina

      Don't you want to become a woman in a matter of seconds? With the Janina halfbody you are already taking a huge step in this direction.

      Aus Franka | 2021-05-21 23:24:23

      Ich bin 1,80 m groß, wiege um die 83 kg und habe eine Unterbrustweite von ca 97 cm. Welche Größe würdest Du mir empfehlen, wenn die Brust nicht übermäßig groß ausschauen soll?


      Product : Superrealistischer Halbbody Janina

      Hallo Franka,
      ich bin 1,83 m groß, wiege 81 kg mit Unterbrustweite 101 cm und trage selbst die Voll-Silikonvariante in Größe „E“.
      Es schaut dann nicht zu übertrieben aus.
      Aber es ist schon ein wenig voluminös.
      Ich glaube, da Du etwas kleiner bist passt für Dich Größe „D“.
      Ein wichtiger Aspekt und Entscheidung ist die Variante:
      Bei der Latex-Ausführung ist auf der Rückseite der Brust ein Hohlraum, wo etwas weißes Füllmaterial (Watte, Papier) integriert ist.
      So ist gewährleistet, dass selbst beim „Anfassen“ sich alles natürlich anfühlt.
      Bei der Vollsilikon-Ausführung ist eben alles aus Silikon. Es gibt also keinen Hohlraum.
      Vorteil: es fühlt sich noch etwas realistischer an.
      Nachteil: Beispiel „D“:
      Latex = 1600 g (etwas dunklere Farbe, aber schon ok.)
      Silikon = 1940 g (etwas heller – bevorzuge ich selbst) - teurer.

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