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Silicon Insoles - Drop Shape - Without...
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The silky soft silicone inserts to be bought here with brown integrated nipples are very high quality even...
Silicone inserts - C to D
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Silicone inserts C to D - asymmetrically drop-shaped - self-adhesive - self-adhesive.The sweet nipples and...
Silicone Bosom - Size Cup-D+
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With this self-adhesive breast you are well advised if you want to have a self-adhesive silicone bosom,...
Silicon bus - silicone bosom - self-adhesive
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The silicone bust in size C-D nestles very well against the already given curves. The shape is very...
Silicon bustself-adhesive
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The shape of the breast extensions "Siliconbusen self-adhesive" will convince you without a doubt.
Crisp silicone bosobes - self-adhesive
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With this magnificent silicone bosom you reach a breast size in Cup-D.
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Silicone inserts C to D 

Silicone inserts C to D

Silicone inserts

silikonbrust-roter-schwarzer-bhYou will find very inexpensive silicone inserts from C to D in this category.

Of course, we carry other breast sizes from A to G.

Also, you can self-adhesive and non-adhesive silicone inserts.

Ideal for transvestites, dragqueens or crossdressers.

Our silicone inserts are made of high-quality silicone and coated with delicate PU sheathing.

Thus, they do not become specky and always retain their shape. Wonderful anatomy creates a very natural appearance.

No one will notice that these are silicone inserts.

Choose the right or desired size, whether self-adhesive or non-stick.

You can easily clean all our silicone inserts with lukewarm water and some mild soap.