Silicone full-body suit

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Silicone Full Body Suit (Man to Woman)

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Full-body suit made of high-quality silicone.

Our full-body suit can be described as a very exceptional.Against Asian cheap products, the specially developed silicone is very durable, very soft and extremely stretchy. The full-body suit is made of skin-compatible silicone.
There are no transitions or seams that could st. At the collar, back is an opening as a semi-circular neckline, where you can slip in very quickly and safely.

The full-body suit also absorbs its own body heat extremely quickly. The skin surface is also very natural. Thus, hardly any difference can be felt even when touching natural skin.

The transitions at the foot end and neck have very fine leaking edges. You have to look very carefully to discover that it is a full-body suit. Of course, you can help something and cover the neckline with a scarf, necklace or similar.

If you want to completely transform from man to woman, our full-body suit is probably the fastest and most effective way to realize this quickly and conveniently.

Our full-body suit is also equipped with a super-realistic and penerating vagina.
With our catheder kit, you can easily manage the small business while sitting without taking off the full-body suit.
An alge opening can also be used for the "larger" business.

The placement of the breasts is prepared and realistic nipples are already incorporated.
You can determine the breast size yourself by ordering the corresponding breast prosthesis in your desired size. It is not necessary to opt for expensive silicone breasts. It is quite sufficient if you stin the category "Cheap Silicone Breasts" and choose your size.

Since we have already gained a lot of experience I would like to recommend 2 breasts, which are gladly ordered, so optimal are best suited to it.
(a)Naturally hanging breasts in F

b) Elderly silicone breasts in size F

Otherwise, the full-body suit has a one size (OS). It is made of extremely soft silicone and fits from 1.60 m to 2.00 m height, as mentioned above.

You can also integrate our Ultra Femize Pads under the full-body suit, referred to as "female body shape and perfect curves for thighs and buttocks ".

Information - short instructions for use - this is the best way to do it:
1) Powder plenty of your body with baby powder (drug)
2) slip forward with your feet over the neck opening

3) Roll up - do not tear or tug. Sharp fingernails or jewelry could damage the silicone.
4) If necessary, you can clean our full-body suit in the bathtub or similar with lukewarm water and mild soap.
5) Pat the outside and inside with a fine cloth and let it dry completely in the air.

Tip: If you cover the inside lightly with the baby powder, tightening is even easier the next time.

The Ultimate Female Body, full-body suit made of high-quality silicone is probably one of the best ways to feel completely like a woman.
Financing (instalment purchase) is of course possible here without any problems.

We wish you a lot of fun in the transformation from male to female with our specially developed full body suit.

If you have any questions, please write to us.

Silicone Full Body Suit for Transgender, Crossdressers & Transvestites
(Man to woman). High-quality, exceptional product!

IMPORTANT - Right of return:
For hygienic reasons ( Section 312 g para. 2 point 3 BGB ) this article is generally excluded from exchange and return.

Linda Mayer

Bin sehr überrascht!

War sehr überrascht, denn ich dachte der Silikonanzug wäre schwierig anzuziehen. Dies ist aber nicht so. Den Tipps befolgen und schon gehts ganz einfach.

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    Silicone full-body suit

    Silicone full-body suit

    Silicone Full Body Suit (Man to Woman)

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