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Venus silicone breast with strong adhesion ❤️
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Extremely strong liability! The Venus silicone breasts are made individually by hand, are very realistic...
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Venus silicone breast with strong adhesion 

Venus silicone breast with strong adhesion

A small secret is the Venus silicone breast,because it is equipped with an extremely strong adhesion.

Our Venus silicone breast is made in great detail and lovingly by hand. The silicone bust is specially delicate and flat-finished. So you can wear them under any men's shirt without anyone discovering anything.

In addition, the train of your breasts gives you the feeling of having a real breast. They also adapt very quickly to their own body temperature.

The adhesive layer is extremely strong for any occasion. If you want to "exercise" or "go swimming" then please additionally use Skin Tac Wipes or Hollister Glue.