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Silicone breasts or...

If you prefer breasts that you don't have to stick to the skin, you can buy breast prostheses that you can easily insert into a bra.

If you want to feel sure that the wrong breasts won't slip, silicone breasts for the pocket bra are just the thing.

We have a very large selection of fake breasts in all shapes. Silicone breasts for the pocket bra in different price ranges and qualities.

Again and again we are asked about the right size. This decision depends not only on your bust size and height, but also on your individual taste. Furthermore, from the shape of the breast. If you are unsure, just send us an email or you can also reach for the phone. Please don't worry, I have a lot to do with transgender people and I am a trans woman myself.

Here is an overview of all the fake silicone breasts that can be inserted into a pocket bra:

Realistic Breasts Classic Curved

Ultra-Soft breast prosthesis

Top quality breast prostheses

Samara Red Rose

Elderly Silicone Breasts

Jeunesse silicone breast for young ladies

Foam rubber breasts

Naturally sagging breasts

Silicone breast for bra - false breasts

Silicone breasts as bra

You don't need to stick your beloved st. A pocket bra is also unnecessary.

Silicone breasts as bra

are available in 3 versions. With these breasts, the bra is at the same time the breast and becomes a bosom, so to speak.

1) TransBra Deluxe
We have developed this silicone breast bra expliziet to increase the width of the silicone breast. Your chest will be better covered. You also get a more effective approach on the sides of the chest.

2) TransBra Full
With the silicone breast TransBra Full you can make up the transparent strap with a body camouflage. The breast shape has a normal width.
The band lengths (XS, S, M and L) of the beams can be selected.

Self-adhesive breasts

Again and again we are asked whether self-adhesive silicone breasts also hold really well and do not slip when moving, bending or stretching.
You can be absolutely sure, because we ensure the absolutely perfect hold.
You can also use our additional liability options for higher loads, e.g. for sporting activities or the like.
You can find them under "Accessories".

Feel pure femininity and a feminist, feminine look.
If you want to transform yourself perfectly from man to woman, you should wear self-adhesive silicone breasts to feel the weight of the breasts. The feel is also excellent, because our high-quality self-adhesive silicone breasts can be touched. No one notices that they are self-adhesive silicone breasts.
An absolute "must" for transgender people, especially trans women, crossdressers or/and transvestites.

Self-adhesive silicone breasts do not slip.
You can also wear them without a bra by attaching our supplied protective film to the adhesive layer.

Silicone breast open bra

Breasts in open bra

An open bra has something erotic and sensual. The breasts are hung into the openings and surrounded by the fabric.

Realistic, adorable silicone bust made of 2 components.
a) the sweet lace bra is kept open and can be washed separately. You can determine the band length in S, M or L when purchasing.
b) the breasts are provided with 12 Velco Velco straps, which are pressed on the bra and thus attached.

An alternative to pocket bra breasts without adhesive to wear safely. Incomparable to all other silicone breasts available on the market. You can also put on an additional bra.
This gives you an absolutely safe feeling and allows you to carry out all everyday activities without any worries.

Thanks to the patented system, you can create a stunning décolleté in seconds. Deep cut-out tops are no longer a problem here. No one discovers that silicone breasts are hidden under your deep-cut T-shirt, for example. The bra and breasts can of course be ordered separately.

Cheap entry-level breasts

Here you will find cheap entry-level breasts in sizes A - G. You can choose between "with" or "without" nipples.
Whether "self-adhesive" or "non-adhesive" breasts, depending on the taste to have with us in all variations.

Entry-level models are excellent for buying at low cost.
However, this does not mean that it is cheap material. The breasts and breast prostheses are also made of medical silicone.

Variations in the breast shape are also selectable. Whether drop-shaped or triangle-shaped - here you will surely find your ideal breast according to your taste. If something doesn't fit, you can exchange or return your breast with us. So there is no risk to you. We want you to be satisfied and find your individual breast for you.

The surface also consists of a high-quality PU film, which ensures that the shape is preserved and can also be cleaned with soapy water as often as you want.

If you are not sure which version, shape or size are best for you, you are very happy to get in touch. We advise you very discreetly and gladly.

Tip: Do you want to have self-adhesive or non-stick breasts? This category is divided into these 2 versions.
This simplifies your search for the ideal breast.

Giant breasts Gigantinos

Here you will find the largest silicone breasts on the market.

10 different versions belong here in the category "giant breasts":
punktBig mom the giant breast with 9kg
punktGigantinos - gigantic silicone breasts, 17kg / 22kg
punktGigantic silicone breasts, plump breasts with 10kg (special edition)
punktGiant breasts - gigantic, realistic silicone breasts, 4.6kg
punktBreast prostheses in open bra, with 3kg (weight reduction, scooping out)
punktSilicone breasts, the largest with chest height approx. 25cm, 10kg
punktSuperbreasts, height approx. 20cm, 6kg
punktGiant Silicone Mega Breasts, Height 15cm, 4.6kg
punktXXXL giant bosobees with 3.6kg
punktExtra Elderly Silicone Breast, Height 15cm, 2.3kg

All breasts are made of high quality silicone gel and are covered with a fine PU coat.
Unique high-quality design, long durability, realistic rocking and feeling when moving are the main features of all the giant breasts listed here.

Special development for all transgender people who have always wanted gigantic breasts.

We wish you a lot of fun wearing our giant breasts.

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Silicone breasts for transgender people 

Silicone breasts and breast prostheses

There is an extensive range of breast prostheses, which are often authentically designed, in many different variations and sizes. Manufacturers attach great importance to a natural appearance. This is due to the fact that some brands produce prostheses for different needs. Among them are Amoena and Amolux. Both brands also produce breast prostheses for women. This means that these models largely correspond to a feminine, natural breast image. Amoena also offers laundry in which the prostheses can be inserted. This is not always optimal, as this laundry is tailored for the female body. Accordingly, it does not necessarily fit the male body shapes in the sizes.

These breast prosthesis and silicone breast models are available:

There are different models of silicone breasts and breast prostheses in the transgender shops e.g. of Amoena. The choice depends on your own taste, on the other hand on the wearing comfort and the outfit. For example, self-adhesive breasts are on offer, on the other hand there are bras and torsos. A bra is advantageous if the wearers do not feel comfortable with the self-adhesive models.
It can quickly lead to the feeling that they may slip. This happens over time. The torso is like a kind of shirt pulled over the torso. This is especially advantageous for clothes with cut-outs. Sometimes the transitions of the torso have to be concealed. But with make-up or jewelry, this is no problem.
For bras with breasts or corsets and bodysuits, authentic breasts are worked on fabric. These garments are mainly designed for transgender and trans women and therefore have a better fit. The self-adhesive silicone breasts are particularly authentic. Here, it may take a little practice when attaching. However, the result is natural and allows easy combination with different garments. They can also be put into a bra. For a particularly natural appearance, nipples from Amoena or Amolux can also be purchased and attached. Here, too, there are different colours and variations. The silicone generally has the advantage that it best imitates the soft skin.
There are also no limits to size and shape. Models similar to those of older women are available. Solid round shapes as well as smaller natural breasts can also be found. This means that you can choose freely according to your own taste. Above all, Amoena offers designs that are in no way inferior to natural breasts. The same goes for Amolux. Here, color and size can also be determined by yourself. In addition, the breasts are slightly asymmetrical, which makes them look even more natural.

Please contact us before ordering if you are unsure which breasts, breast prostheses or silicone breasts suit you.
We are very happy to help you.

Have fun choosing and greeting Alexandra!

DiamondSilikonbrust selbsthaftend bei einem Transgender.

Silicone breasts in different variations, qualities, sizes, shapes and finishes.