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Silicone breasts in...

BreastBra by Red Rose is an open bra.

The breasts are attached separately by means of a patented Velcro system and remain free.
This way, lace bra and breasts can be separated and cleaned.

The BreastBra by Red Rose as a more open bra is available in colours white, beige, red or black. This allows you to customize your outfit as you wish.

You can also choose from 3 different band lengths when purchasing, so that it sits really well. A real alternative for those who want to create a décolleté.

The following applies:
Movements and seesaws while walking behave like a real breast. Wearing is also very comfortable here. You'll be thrilled.

large breast...

RedRose BreastBra XXXL
Our Breast-Bra XXXL is unique on the market, because its integrated air cushions greatly reduce the weight (cup "J" – 1500g per breast). So you can wear these giant breasts without any adhesive.

Of course, our development concept also applies here: "Naturalness when moving".

The corresponding bra in 4 colours (black, white, beige or red) can also be reordered individually.

The large breast prostheses are individually removable at the back with a Velcro fastening. Open bras like the BreastBra XXXL have the advantage that even deep cut out or tight tops are sexy.
An alternative to plastic surgery.

Dimensions chest without bra: length: 22 cm / width: 18.5 cm / height: 16 cm
Dimensions chest with bra: length: 26 cm / width: 22.5 cm / height:18 cm

Don't forget to determine your suitable band length or ask us.

Replacement bra, open...

The replacement bra for our Breast-Bra in color white, beige, red or black can also be used as a bra ouvert with own breasts or also with silicone breasts.

It is an open bra available in sizes C/D/F/H/J.
On the back is a special Velcro fastening sewn, which ensure a particularly firm grip and a fantastic wearing feeling.

Please also note the length of the belt when ordering. Of course, if it doesn't fit or if you don't like it, you can exchange or return the bra (right of withdrawal). Material: Bra lining: 100% cotton stretchy parts: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane

Replacement Bra - Open Bra - TransBra
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Bra Ouvert - open bra Open bra without breasts for the TransBra system. Here you can reorder the...
Silicone breast in open bra - TransBra
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Silicone breast in open bra - TransBra
Very large silicone breast in open bra -...
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Very large silicone breast in open bra
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Silicone breast open bra 

Silicone breast open bra

Breasts in open bra

An open bra has something erotic and sensual. The breasts are hung into the openings and surrounded by the fabric.

Realistic, adorable silicone bust made of 2 components.
a) the sweet lace bra is kept open and can be washed separately. You can determine the band length in S, M or L when purchasing.
b) the breasts are provided with 12 Velco Velco straps, which are pressed on the bra and thus attached.

An alternative to pocket bra breasts without adhesive to wear safely. Incomparable to all other silicone breasts available on the market. You can also put on an additional bra.
This gives you an absolutely safe feeling and allows you to carry out all everyday activities without any worries.

Thanks to the patented system, you can create a stunning décolleté in seconds. Deep cut-out tops are no longer a problem here. No one discovers that silicone breasts are hidden under your deep-cut T-shirt, for example. The bra and breasts can of course be ordered separately.