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Silicone breast in open bra - TransBra

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Silicone breast in open bra - TransBra

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If you want to create a great bosom quickly, then our silicone bosom in the open bra "BreastBra" by RedRose is a very mature and uncomplicated solution. Without plastic surgery and surgery a real alternative.

Simply put on and you have your desired bust in seconds without having to use any adhesives or other fastening system.


Our silicone bust in the open bra "BreatBra" is incomparable compared to all other common silicone breasts, because the corresponding lace bra, thanks to a newly patented Velcro system (see photos), completely absorbs the silicone breast.

This way you can create your perfect décolleté in no time.

The bra is open, so the breasts remain free, you can show something. Of course there is nothing against pulling over a bra or a bust lift.

Everything you want.

Here, too, these silicone breasts in the open bra "TransBra" move like a real breast while running, walking or dancing.

Both parts, the silicone breast and the bra can be separated.

This allows you to explicitly clean the chest itself and the bra. The open bra in the washing machine and the chest, e.g. with our Cleaning agents for silicone breasts.

With the silicone breast you can choose between 4 sizes:

In addition, the open bra can be selected in 4 colours:

You can also determine the band length, matching your height.
To do this, you take your measurements of the upper body and determine your band length between S, M or L yourself.

Band lengths: (chest circumference, bust)
⇒ "S" = 75cm-90cm
⇒ "M" = 90cm-100cm
⇒ "L" = 100cm-115cm
The Velcro rear fastening is 6-row and adjustable exactly according to your bust.

If something doesn't fit, you can always change your favorites to the right size. No problem, because we want you to be satisfied and get along optimally.

The bra is also available and can be ordered or re-ordered at any time, for example, in a different colour.
Thus, an optimal outfit is always guaranteed when changing colours to match your clothing.

There is the "BreastBra" silicone breast in open bra also in huge version "J" here.

Norbert Follers

Ich liebe diese Silikonbrust

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    Silicone breast in open bra - TransBra

    Silicone breast in open bra - TransBra

    Silicone breast in open bra - TransBra

    From Enrico Klebba | 2022-05-11 13:27:12

    Größe: 178 cm
    Gewicht: 85 kg
    Unterbrustweite: 95 cm

    Bestell-Nr.: 736


    Hallo Enrico,
    ich glaube Du brauchst eine Bandlänge "M".
    Das wäre die Bestell-Nr.: 737 (oder andere Farbe)

    Liebe Grüße

    From Enrico Klebba | 2022-02-16 12:45:40

    Größe: 178 cm
    Gewicht: 85 kg
    Unterbrustweite: 94 cm

    Bestell-Nr.: 737


    Hallo Enrico,
    Ja - Du hast richtig ausgewählt.
    Die 737 = Größe:"M" - Farbe: "schwarz" (oder andere wählem) - Bandlänge: "M"
    Passt zu Deiner Größe!

    Liebste Grüße

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