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Realistic Breasts...

Realistic silicone breasts are inexpensive. The value for money is excellent.

Classic Curved is a lifelike silicone breast in an asymmetrical, curved shape.

These inexpensive silicone breasts from Red Rose are available in breast sizes B, C, D, E, F, G, H.

You can choose the silicone mixture between "normal realistic" and "super softly realistic". You can wear this gorgeous chest in a pocket bra or attach it with Hollister adhesive spray.
Even when showering, nothing slips.

Available here and available immediately.

"Classic Curved" Silicone Breast

Breast prosthesis...

The breast prosthesis "Ultra-Soft" is, as the name suggests, an ultra-soft artificial breast.

This chest prosthesis from RedRose is characterized by a dreamlike wearing feeling with extremely high quality, medical and specially developed silicone gel.

These breasts can be inserted into any pocket bra. You can also attach them with the adhesive spray and wear them without a bust holder.

If you have a small chest yourself, the Ultra-Soft breast prosthesis can also be attached very well, as the Ultra-Soft is slightly concave on the back.

You can purchase the soft, realistic breast prosthesis with or without nipples in drop shape or triangle form.

Breast prostheses Top...

Realistic breast prostheses, perfect breasts in top quality from 149,- € in our shop.

These breast prostheses for crossdressers are very realistically soft.

The overall visual impression of the breast prostheses is hardly distinguishable from real breasts. The sheathing consists of a hypoallergenic PU film. The silicone gel is of very high quality and made of a medical material, similar to breast implants.

Elderly Silicone Breasts

Elderly breast prosthesis
You can wear the breast for women from about 40 in a pocket bra or stick it directly with our Hollister glue.
Thus, wearing without a bra is also possible. The breast and nipples point a little downwards, as is often the case in nature in a woman aged 40 and over.

In conjunction with Skin Tac Wipes adhesive cloths for reuse.
From €0.69 (free shipping) with us from one st.

Jeunesse silicone...

Silicone breast Jeunesse has been explicitly developed for lovers who want to wear a fresh, crisp bosom. This dream bosom is equipped with nipples that point a little towards the sky. Women will be enthusiastic or perhaps jealous, because the natural form is also designed like "Young Lady".

This cute "bus for young ladies" is available in sizes C - D - F - H - and J.
If a woman could choose a bosom, this applies to the silicone breast "Jeunesse". This silicone breast from "Red Rose" has a natural full shape and comes in matt-neutral color and with ravishing nipples that point slightly upwards in neutral packaging to you.

Silicone busts for young ladies

Breasts made of foam...

Foam rubber breasts are a very cheap alternative and are available in 3 sizes. With lukewarm water and some soap you can wash them at any time.

A real alternative are our foam rubber breasts. They cost a fraction compared to silicone breasts, are much lighter (size B= 180g a/breast) and do an excellent job.

Foam rubber breasts should be placed in a matching bust holder or in one of our pocket bras as they have no adhesion.
For transgender people who haven't had as much experience, foam rubber breasts are a super solution to get used to breasts.
Our sweet foam breasts have small nipples and are made of very fine-pored foam. On the back there is a small scooping out so that you can use it super even with a small existing breast.

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Foam rubber breasts
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For the smaller purse, we have included these beautiful foam rubber breasts in our range.Since they have a...
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Silicone bus top quality
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Breast prostheses Top quality in all sizes and many combinations such as shape, nipple sizes, nipple...
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Realistic silicone breasts classic-curved, Silicone breasts or adhesion Sale!
Realistic silicone breasts classic-curved
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Classic Curved by Red Rose is a lifelike silicone breast in an asymmetrical form. You can choose between...
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Breast prosthesis Ultra-Soft
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Our ultra-soft breast prostheses are available from cup "B" to "H". You can also order this magnificent...
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Silicone breasts or adhesion 

Silicone breasts or adhesion

Buy breast prostheses
If you prefer breasts that you do not stick directly on the skin, you can buy breast prostheses, which you can easily insert into a bra.

If you want to feel safe that the breasts are not slipping silicone breasts for the pocket bra inserted are just right.

We have a very large selection of silicone breasts in all shapes. Silicone breasts for the pocket bra in different price ranges and qualities. Again and again we are asked about the right size. This decision depends not only on your bust and height, but also on your individual taste. Also from the breast shape. If you are unsure just write us an email or you can also reach for the phone. Please don't worry, I have a lot to do with transgender people and I'm a trans woman myself.

Here is an overview of all silicone breasts that can be inserted into a pocket bra:

Amolux Ruby for the prosthetic bra

Realistic Breasts Classic Curved

Breast prosthesis Ultra-Soft

Breast prostheses in top-quailtät

Samara Red Rose

Elderly Silicone Breasts

Jeunesse silicone breast for young ladies

Breasts made of foam rubber

Naturally hanging breasts

Silicone breast for the bra