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Silicone breasts as torso

FemLine Trans-Torso
Unlike our Trans-Breast, the Trans-Torso has a side lace-up. Our trans torso, with integrated silicone breasts, transforms you into a feminine woman with a female torso.

The chest height here is 13.5 cm. The breasts rock like a real natural breast when moving. Even touching the breasts is very natural and is almost indistinguishable from real breasts.

The lace-up fastener offers you correct adjustment to your own torso and is also excellent for wearing tight tops.

Please keep in mind that the trans torso has a weight of approx. 2.7 kg due to its stability and size of the breasts.
So if you have back problems, you should choose the alternative "Trans-Breast", which weighs only 1.9 kg.

Trans Breast

Silicone breasts as torso FemLine Trans Breast
The half torso with integrated silicone breasts gives you a feminine, feminine torso without gluing or other fasteners.

You can easily slip into a T-shirt and adjust the Velcro attachment to your body as needed.
For this reason, our Trans Breast has a one size with a chest height of 10 cm.

Even when dancing or jumping, the very stable fastening ensures a secure hold. Of course, we have our Trans-Breast fully lined with cotton inside so you don't get into a sweat right away.

The integrated breasts have incorporated natural nipples and wiggle while walking, running or jumping like a naturally real breast.

It's a lot of fun to wear our trans breast. If you have any questions please write to us!

Ultimate Skin Torso

Ultimate Skin Torso
With the Ultimate Skin Torso you can conjure up a feminine torso very quickly, without special aids such as adhesives, bra or other.

Just slip in and close the Ultimate Skin Torso with the Velcro system.
The carriers are thus adjusted to your body stature.

You can choose 2 different breast shapes:
a) crisp round-style round-style breasts
b) Discreetly hanging breasts (drop shape) "drop-style".

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to be there for you.

Janina Halbbody Torso

Halfbody Janina
The Janina is a super-realistic half body with integrated breasts is available in "Latex Foam" or "Full Silicone".

The breasts, which can't be recreated in real ways, also have extremely realistically incorporated nipples - just perfect.

Superrealistic halfbody Janina, Silicone breast as torso Sale!
Superrealistic halfbody Janina
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Ultimate Skin Torso
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Halbbody von RedRose - Luna, Silicone breast as torso New
Halbbody von RedRose - Luna
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Fetish torso
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Silicone torso (fetish) extra large and lightsuper-realistic skin texture in 2 sizes:M-Cup Z-Cup
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Silicone breast as torso 

Silicone breast as torso