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TransBra Deluxe

TransBra Deluxe conjures up a wider width (width).
This will optimally cover your chest. The approach on the sides is more optimal for men with larger torso.

Our beautiful TransBra Deluxe silicone breast as bra is available in the 4 sizes C -D - F - H (see also table). In addition, you can choose from 5 underbust band lengths (XS, S, M, L and XL).
Thus, the TransBra Deluxe is also very suitable for narrow trans women as well as for men with larger upper body (please measure before ordering).

You can clean our TransBra carelessly with mild soapy liquor. This is ensured by a durable, matte protective film
with the highest quality. The hook closure with Velcro support on the back side keeps the chest secure and tight. So you can even jump or jump without that slips a bit.

Other TransBra products:
a) TransBra Full (with a body camouflage can be made up)

b) TransBra Plus (back hollowed out)
As a result: weight reduction - smaller existing chest has space - also suitable for flat chest.

TransBra Full

These silicone breasts can be worn comfortably, safely and well like a bra.
Silicone breasts as a bra - like a real female breast.
TransBra Full is incomparable and unique in execution. With these silicone breasts, the bra is simultaneously the chest and is held with high-quality silicone strips. Put on the bra and you have a feminine torso.

It is important to determine before ordering what you fit for a band length.
Underbust band lengths xS - S - M or L (see table)

Highlight of the chest:
Make-up able with body camouflage to achieve a deep decoration.

The hypoallergenic PU sheathing protects the breasts from contamination and can be easily cleaned with soapy liquor. The high-quality silicone gel is a special development.
When "touching" or "touching" hardly anyone will notice that it is a silicone breast. They move like normal real breasts. Jumping, jumping or dancing is also easy with TransBra Full. When walking, your breasts wiggle and make you feel like you have a real breast. Even when lying down, the breasts become a little flatter, as it should be :-)

TransBra Plus silicone breast is available in 4 sizes (C -D-F-H). Please use the table to determine your desired size.

If you need a different version or size, please contact us briefly via the contact form for your request. Since the breasts are made individually we will try to fulfill your wish.

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a) TransBra Deluxe, more bust

b) TransBra Plus (hollowed out)
Conclusion: A smaller existing chest has space - also suitable for flat chest and weight reduction

TransBra Plus

Silicone Breast Bra Trans Bra Plus
In this concept, the female breast is constructed as a bra. The back of the Trans Bra Plus is very hollowed out and can be perfectly adapted even with the small breast present.

If there is no own breast, the supplied microfiber cushions provide an extremely great wearing feeling.

The straps are adjustable and adapt to your body so that you can do anything that is commonplace. The Trans Bra Plus has a matte PU sheathing and is made of very high quality silicone, so you'll have a lot of fun with it. Also the incorporated nipples, as well as the behavior when walking and jumping with the chest seem very natural.

If you want a different size or a different nipple color, you can contact us.
We also adjust the chest at no extra charge.

Available sizes: "F" and "H"

Related products:
a) TransBra Full, make-up able with a body camouflage

b) TransBra Deluxe (larger width)

Silicone breast as bra - Transbra Plus
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Silicone breast as bra - Transbra Plus
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Silicone breast as bra - Transbra Full
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Silicone breast as bra - Transbra Full
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Silicone breast as bra - TransBra Deluxe
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Silicone breast as bra - TransBra DeluxeIn contrast to the TransBra Full, the TransBra Deluxe has an extra...
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Silicone breasts as bra 

Silicone breasts as bra

You don't need to stick your beloved st. A pocket bra is also unnecessary.

Silicone breasts as bra

are available in 3 versions. With these breasts, the bra is at the same time the breast and becomes a bosom, so to speak.

1) TransBra Deluxe
We have developed this silicone breast bra expliziet to increase the width of the silicone breast. Your chest will be better covered. You also get a more effective approach on the sides of the chest.

2) TransBra Full
With the silicone breast TransBra Full you can make up the transparent strap with a body camouflage. The breast shape has a normal width.
The band lengths (XS, S, M and L) of the beams can be selected.

3) TransBra Plus
With the TransBra Plus, the silicone breast on the back is concave through a hollow. So if you already have an existing small breast, you should choose this variant to create more bust width.

If you have a very small or no breast at all, you can put something under with the supplied cushions made of microfiber. For example, TransBra Plus silicone breasts are also suitable for trans women,
which perform a hormone treatment where the bosom develops over time.