Crisp silicone bosobes - self-adhesive

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With this magnificent silicone bosom you reach a breast size in Cup-D.

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Like many of our silicone breasts, this crisp silicone bosom is self-adhesive. With a bra as support, you can reach your beloved bust with an impressive décolleté.

The back of both silicone busts are slightly hollowed out. So if you are a man or a woman with quite small breasts, do not want to spend a lot of money, but still want to reach as big a breast as possible, these deposits are highly recommended to you.

Of course, this also works with TS, TV or CD without your own small breast. The surface of the bosobs feels very realistic.

The high-quality PU film (sheathing) is important for the long shelf life and differs significantly from low-cost products, e.g. from Asian production companies. Small, brown nipples are also already integrated and give a naturally beautiful sight.

You're unlikely to find such a big crisp silicone bosom in this excellent top quality that doesn't notice that it's not real, you're unlikely to find one anywhere else for the low price.

Weight of a breast approx. 500 g i.e. 1000g per pair.
Width is 13.5 cm
Length: 18.5 cm
Height: 8 cm
self-adhesive crisp silicone bosom
Cup size designation D+

Lokia Ferrari

Sehr robust

Bin sehr zufrieden!

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    Crisp silicone bosobes - self-adhesive

    Crisp silicone bosobes - self-adhesive

    With this magnificent silicone bosom you reach a breast size in Cup-D.

    Aus carstensen | 2021-07-21 09:47:46

    Bewegen sich die busen bei normalen Bewegungen mit bei der Größe D


    Hallo Carstensen,
    alle Silikonbrüste bewegen sich abhängig von der Befrestigungsmethode.

    Danke für Dein Interesse!
    Liebste Grüße

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