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Model "Classic Velcro"

Classic Velcro by Red Rose – self-adhesive silicone breast with Velcro system.

Classic Velcro silicone breasts are made of a very high quality silicone gel and are available in breast sizes B, C, D, E, F, G, H. The sheathing made of hypallergenic PU is of very high quality. You will have a lot of fun with the long-living breast prostheses.

The special feature of the Classic Velcro silicone breast is the fastening system. The Velcro sticky strips feel like a fluffy patch and remain on your chest for up to 10 days if you want to. So you can remove your breasts in seconds or reattach them as you like. The Velcro fasteners are incorporated directly on the back of the chest and cannot loosen.

You can also make them up with body camouflage and adapt them to your own skin color.

Classic Velcro Silicone Breasts

move like a natural bosom. Even when lying down, the silicone breasts become a little flatter, just like real breasts. You can easily insert Classic Velcro from Red Rose into a pocket bra even without sticky tyres.

Extremely natural and fantastically soft as own breasts even when "touching".

Asymmentary breasts

Asymmetrical breasts have a curved shape and are also suitable for half-shell bras.

The sheathing of the silicone breasts consists of a high-quality PU film. The special foil keeps the breasts in shape and protects them from impurities.

You can clean the breast at any time with commercial soap, preferably with mild soap or baby shampoo and lukewarm water.

Our asymmetrical breast prostheses are available with or without self-adhesive and in sizes B to F.
You'll be thrilled.

self-adhesive breasts

Selectable non-liable or self-adhesive

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Self-adhesive breasts 

Self-adhesive breasts

Again and again we are asked whether self-adhesive silicone breasts also hold really well and do not slip when moving, bending or stretching.
You can be absolutely sure, because we ensure the absolutely perfect hold.
You can also use our additional liability options for higher loads, e.g. for sporting activities or the like.
You can find them under "Accessories".

Feel pure femininity and a feminist, feminine look.
If you want to transform yourself perfectly from man to woman, you should wear self-adhesive silicone breasts to feel the weight of the breasts. The feel is also excellent, because our high-quality self-adhesive silicone breasts can be touched. No one notices that they are self-adhesive silicone breasts.
An absolute "must" for transgender people, especially trans women, crossdressers or/and transvestites.

Self-adhesive silicone breasts do not slip.
You can also wear them without a bra by attaching our supplied protective film to the adhesive layer.