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Fashionable sandal (lacquer - black) with...
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Lacquer sandal with straps and ribbons
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Sandal super cute with big bow
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Sandalette in a black lacquer look.
2-3 weeks delivery time for sizes 42, 43 and 46
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Feminine sandal with platform sole
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Feminine sandal with platform sole, attractive in very high quality.
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Sandals, Sandals, Slides 

Sandals, Sandals, Slides

The sandal is originally a unisex shoe.

As a women's shoe, the sandal is often decorated with narrower straps and embellishments.
Sandals are very airy and the sole is only attached to the foot with narrow straps.

With a feminine higher heel, the sandal is also referred to as a sandal.

The origin is evident in South America, Egypt or Japan. The sandal or sandal is often worn in Europe in summer. This simple-constructed shoe is worn worldwide in a wide variety of materials.

The classic sandal is mostly made of leather, the flip-flop is made of plastic.