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Silicone Breasts Samara Red Rose, Samara Red Rose also self-adhesive Sale!
Silicone Breasts Samara Red Rose
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The breast has been named "Samara". Not only does the name sound soft, but this breast prosthesis from Red...
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Samara Red Rose also self-adhesive 

Samara Red Rose also self-adhesive

Samara silicone breasts are available either in "non-adhesive" or "self-adhesive" version and in sizes "C" to "H".

The special feature of this artificial breast for crossdressers is the chest shape. This is not designed in triangle or drop form, but DAZWISCHEN. So has a slightly oval, voluminous shape.

Furthermore, you can order this great breast in "Standard Soft" or "Super Soft" and "with nipples" or "without nipples". The Samara silicone breast is very soft thanks to the medically crosslinked silicone gel with a special mixture. You can really get started with it, bathing in the sea or showering is no problem.

Samara Silicone Breast

is really fun.