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V-Tape waterproof
2 Test (s)
Double-sided adhesive tape V-Tape For attaching all our breasts from the range.Extreme adhesion,...
Gaff Slip Camel, Vagina Slip V-String Sale!
Gaff Slip Camel
1 Test (s)
Perfect female look in the genital area Camel Gaff HINT: You can find Cameltoe...
Adhesive set for self-adhesive breasts
2 Test (s)
Adhesive set for silicone breasts
Push-Up Hip Butt Thigh Booster
2 Test (s)
Push-Up Hip Butt Thigh BoosterThe hip- butt-thigh booster creates a curvy, sexy look, which you can order...
Chest inserts - self-adhesive
3 Test (s)
For those who want to create a small female breast, we recommend these self-adhesive breast inserts with...
Nipples Amolux
1 Test (s)
The nipples are only available in pairs. You will receive 1 pair of nipples. But also for all silicone...
Cameltoe Gaff Slip
1 Test (s)
A very inexpensive way to feminize your intimate area under the clothes.
BH Showstar by Amolux
1 Test (s)
Very nice transparent pockets bra.The erotic, beautiful bra AmoLuxury Showstar adorns your breasts with...
B-Lady Vagina Prosthesis
2 Test (s)
Realistic vagina PenetrableMade in Germany
Silicon bus - silicone bosom - self-adhesive
2 Test (s)
The silicone bust in size C-D nestles very well against the already given curves. The shape is very...
Superrealistic halfbody Janina, Silicone breast as torso Sale!
Superrealistic halfbody Janina
2 Test (s)
Halfbody Janina Don't you want to become a woman in a matter of seconds? With the Janina halfbody you are...
Wigs special sale ❤️ length, color selectable, B-Goods Sale!
Wigs special sale ❤️ length, color selectable
1 Test (s)
Cheap medium-length wigs and long-hair wigs in different colors.Special sale - only while stocks last!
Asymmetrical silicone busts
2 Test (s)
Asymmetrical silicone bustsyou can also wear it in a half-shell bra.Simply gorgeous this curved form of...
Kryolan Adhesive Remover
1 Test (s)
Kryolan Adhesive RemoverOptimal for the removal of adhesive residues With our adhesive remover from...
Silicone inserts - self-adhesive
2 Test (s)
These self-adhesive insoles are perfect for you if you have a small breast yourself (whether man or woman)...
Fixing silicone adhesive strips
2 Test (s)
1 pair (2 stück) silicone adhesive strips. These adhesive patches are conditionally liable and rather for...
Gaff Slip - Series: Alexa
2 Test (s)
Gaff Slip - AlexaThis gaff-slip is a concept where you can't make your "desired stück" disappear well.The...
Medical adhesive cloths
2 Test (s)
Skin Tac Wipes – medical adhesive wipes are essential for self-adhesive silicone breasts and are used to...
Vintage blouse
1 Test (s)
Vintage blouse in 4 colours and 7 sizes
Nail Tabs Self-adhesive
1 Test (s)
Self-adhesive nail tabs for artificial fingernails NEW:You can order our very high quality Gel-NailTabs here .
Net outfit by Saresia, Clothing Sale!
Net outfit by Saresia
2 Test (s)
The hot, sexy set consisting of jackets, skirts and stockings.Characteristics:Material: 20% elastane - 80%...
Facelifting - Secret Lift Original
1 Test (s)
Face Lift &40 Tapes with Lifting Bands Without surgery up to 10 years younger.
3-piece Corsagen-Set, Lingerie & Corsagen (Corset) Sale!
3-piece Corsagen-Set
1 Test (s)
BRA Corsage What can we say? This laundry set has a pronounced, very good price-performance relationship....
Amoena Soft Cleanser
1 Test (s)
Amoena Soft Cleanser, the perfect preparation and cleaning for your artificial breasts.
Silicone Bosom - Size Cup-D+
1 Test (s)
With this self-adhesive breast you are well advised if you want to have a self-adhesive silicone bosom,...
Adhesive strips for Classic Velcro silicone breasts, Accessories for breasts, gluing & cleaning Sale!
Adhesive strips for Classic Velcro...
1 Test (s)
The adhesive strips for "Classic Velcro silicone breasts" are a special fastening system.It behaves like a...
Bodystocking net by Grey Velvet, Lingerie & Corsagen (Corset) Sale!
Bodystocking net by Grey Velvet
1 Test (s)
Bodystocking by Grey Velvet Material: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane Color: black Fabric type: Net Scope...
TV Paint Stick
1 Test (s)
TV Paint StickLaminated beard shadows and transitions of artificial breasts, torsos or ...
Bra inserts, Cheap entry-level breasts Sale!
Bra inserts
1 Test (s)
Silicone inserts in size A - B Washable, not adhesive. Our customers are impressed by the aesthetic beauty...
Foam rubber breasts
1 Test (s)
For the smaller purse, we have included these beautiful foam rubber breasts in our range. Since they have a...
Realistic silicone breasts classic-curved, Silicone breasts or adhesion Sale!
Realistic silicone breasts classic-curved
1 Test (s)
Classic Curved by Red Rose is a lifelike silicone breast in an asymmetrical form. You can choose between...
Ultimate waist corset
2 Test (s)
You get this waist corset in top quality. Just pull it down and you create a perfect figure. The waist...
Skin adhesive silicone breasts
1 Test (s)
Unfortunately, the skin glue is currently out of stock. It will take 4-10 weeks! Hold for silicone breasts
Silicone Breasts Samara Red Rose, Silicone breasts Sale!
Silicone Breasts Samara Red Rose
2 Test (s)
The breast has been named "Samara". Not only does the name sound soft, but this breast prosthesis from Red...
Strapscorsagen-Set by Grey Velvet
1 Test (s)
Strapscorsagen-Set with 8 straps straps made of metal Only available in 3 sizes! M, XL, 3XL
Magical pumps in red or black
1 Test (s)
Wonderful pumps in red or black Available in sizes 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45
Artificial fingernails in pink
1 Test (s)
Artificial fingernails High Class Version in PinkSet of 2 - 20 artificial nails
Medieval dress - long blouse
1 Test (s)
Medieval dress or long blouse in black or white
Silicone breast size E
1 Test (s)
Despite the considerable cup size "E", this self-adhesive silicone breast nestles wonderfully when glued to...
Web tights with spider web pattern
1 Test (s)
Net tights with spider web pattern
Foam Pushup Pants
1 Test (s)
Foam Pushup Pants Colors:available in 2 colours:a) skin-colouredb) black Sizes:S - M - L - X
Silicone inserts - C to D
2 Test (s)
Silicone inserts C to D - asymmetrically drop-shaped - self-adhesive - self-adhesive.The sweet nipples and...
Silicon Insoles - Drop Shape - Without...
1 Test (s)
The silky soft silicone inserts to be bought here with brown integrated nipples are very high quality even...
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