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V-Tape waterproof
2 Test (s)
Double-sided adhesive tape V-Tape For attaching all our breasts from the range.Extreme adhesion,...
Gaff Slip Camel, Vagina Slip V-String Sale!
Gaff Slip Camel
1 Test (s)
Perfect feminine look in the intimate area Camel Gaff Slip
Push-Up Hip Butt Thigh Booster
2 Test (s)
Push-Up Hip Butt Thigh BoosterThe hip- butt-thigh booster creates a curvy, sexy look, which you can order...
Chest inserts - self-adhesive
3 Test (s)
For those who want to create a small female breast, we recommend these self-adhesive breast inserts with...
Adhesive set for self-adhesive breasts
2 Test (s)
Adhesive set for silicone breasts
BH Showstar by Amolux
1 Test (s)
Very nice transparent pockets bra.The erotic, beautiful bra AmoLuxury Showstar adorns your breasts with...
Cameltoe Gaff Slip
1 Test (s)
A very inexpensive way to feminize your intimate area under the clothes.
Nipples Amolux
1 Test (s)
The nipples are only available in pairs. Above all, the nipples are excellently suited for the breast...
B-Lady Vagina Prosthesis
2 Test (s)
Realistic vagina PenetrableMade in Germany
Superrealistic halfbody Janina, Silicone breast as torso Sale!
Superrealistic halfbody Janina
2 Test (s)
Halfbody Janina Don't you want to become a woman in a matter of seconds? With the Janina halfbody you are...
Kryolan Adhesive Remover
1 Test (s)
Kryolan Adhesive RemoverOptimal for the removal of adhesive residues With our adhesive remover from...
Asymmetrical silicone busts
2 Test (s)
Asymmetrical silicone bustsyou can also wear it in a half-shell bra.Simply gorgeous this curved form of...
Silicon bus - silicone bosom - self-adhesive
2 Test (s)
The silicone bust in size C-D nestles very well against the already given curves. The shape is very...
Wigs special sale ❤️ length, color selectable, B-Goods Sale!
Wigs special sale ❤️ length, color selectable
1 Test (s)
Cheap medium-length wigs and long hair wigs in different colors.Special sale - only as long as stock lasts!
Silicone inserts - self-adhesive
2 Test (s)
These self-adhesive insoles are perfect for you if you have a small breast yourself (whether man or woman)...
Fixing silicone adhesive strips
2 Test (s)
1 pair (2 stück) silicone adhesive strips. These adhesive patches are conditionally liable and rather for...
Gaff Slip - Series: Alexa
2 Test (s)
Gaff Slip - AlexaThis gaff-slip is a concept where you can't make your "desired stück" disappear well.The...
Medical adhesive cloths
2 Test (s)
Skin Tac Wipes – medical adhesive wipes are essential for self-adhesive silicone breasts and are used to...
Vintage blouse
1 Test (s)
Vintage blouse in 4 colours and 7 sizes
Nail Tabs Self-adhesive
1 Test (s)
Self-adhesive nail tabs for artificial fingernails Since I myself like to apply nail polish to my...
Facelifting - Secret Lift Original
1 Test (s)
Face Lift &40 Tapes with Lifting Bands Without surgery up to 10 years younger.
Net outfit by Saresia, Clothing Sale!
Net outfit by Saresia
2 Test (s)
The hot, sexy set consisting of jackets, skirts and stockings.Characteristics:Material: 20% elastane - 80%...
Artificial fingernails in red, extra wide
1 Test (s)
Extra wide artificial fingernails in red - Hight Class -
Silicone Bosom - Size Cup-D+
1 Test (s)
With this self-adhesive breast you are well advised if you want to have a self-adhesive silicone bosom,...
Amoena Soft Cleanser
1 Test (s)
Amoena Soft Cleanser, the perfect preparation and cleaning for your artificial breasts.
TV Paint Stick
1 Test (s)
TV Paint StickLaminated beard shadows and transitions of artificial breasts, torsos or ...
Adhesive strips for Classic Velcro silicone breasts, Accessories for breasts, gluing & cleaning Sale!
Adhesive strips for Classic Velcro...
1 Test (s)
The adhesive strips for "Classic Velcro silicone breasts" are a special fastening system.It behaves like a...
Bodystocking net by Grey Velvet, Lingerie & Corsagen (Corset) Sale!
Bodystocking net by Grey Velvet
1 Test (s)
Bodystocking by Grey Velvet Material: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane Color: black Fabric type: Net Scope...
3-piece Corsagen-Set, Lingerie & Corsagen (Corset) Sale!
3-piece Corsagen-Set
1 Test (s)
BRA Corsage What can we say? This laundry set has a pronounced, very good price-performance relationship....
Foam rubber breasts
1 Test (s)
For the smaller purse, we have included these beautiful foam rubber breasts in our range. Since they have a...
Realistic silicone breasts classic-curved, Silicone breasts or adhesion Sale!
Realistic silicone breasts classic-curved
1 Test (s)
Classic Curved by Red Rose is a lifelike silicone breast in an asymmetrical form. You can choose between...
Bra inserts, Cheap entry-level breasts Sale!
Bra inserts
1 Test (s)
Silicone inserts in size A - B Washable, not adhesive. Our customers are impressed by the aesthetic beauty...
Artificial fingernails in pink
1 Test (s)
Artificial fingernails High Class Version in PinkSet of 2 - 20 artificial nails
Medieval dress - long blouse
1 Test (s)
Medieval dress or long blouse in black or white
Ultimate waist corset
2 Test (s)
You get this waist corset in top quality. Just pull it down and you create a perfect figure. The waist...
Magical pumps in red or black
1 Test (s)
Wonderful pumps in red or black Available in sizes 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45
Silicone breast size E
1 Test (s)
Despite the considerable cup size "E", this self-adhesive silicone breast nestles wonderfully when glued to...
Silicon Insoles - Drop Shape - Without...
1 Test (s)
The silky soft silicone inserts to be bought here with brown integrated nipples are very high quality even...
Foam Pushup Pants
1 Test (s)
Foam Pushup Pants Colors:available in 2 colours:a) skin-colouredb) black Sizes:S - M - L - X
Ultimate Skin Torso
2 Test (s)
Ultimate Skin Torso With our Ultimate Skin Torso, you get the perfect female torso in minutes without any...
Silicone Breasts Samara Red Rose, Silicone breasts Sale!
Silicone Breasts Samara Red Rose
2 Test (s)
The breast has been named "Samara". Not only does the name sound soft, but this breast prosthesis from Red...
Web tights with spider web pattern
1 Test (s)
Net tights with spider web pattern
Strapscorsagen-Set by Grey Velvet
1 Test (s)
Strapscorsagen-Set with 8 straps straps made of metal Only available in 3 sizes! M, XL, 3XL
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