Realistic giant breasts 5 kg

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Realistic giant breasts with a fabulous 4.6 kg

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Realistic giant breasts with almost 5 kg in size "J" by RedRose (XXXXL)

These giant breasts have a dreamlike finish, are ultra soft and very realistic.
Anyone who has ever tried these realistic giant breasts does not want to give them away any more.
So beware "addiction potential" .

The giant breast is probably one of the most perfect of this size.

The hypoallergenic giant breasts radiate a very natural-looking enthusiasm.

This is not by chance, because due to the matte appearance, the pleasant wearing feeling and the natural softness, these giant breasts can be described as "exactly natural".

They absorb your own body heat very quickly, so you get the feeling in seconds you would have your own chest.

They adapt perfectly to your chest due to the slightly concave scooping out on the back.

You should wear these realistic giant breasts in a bra, preferably in a pocket bra.
They are deliberately "not self-adhesive", as they carry a weight of almost 4.6 kg and can only be held with proper handling and preparation.
For this you also need our special Hollister medical adhesive spray 7730 and the Welding Barrier Spray.

It is best and safest to wear these giant in a pocket bra or lace bra, which you can also order right away.

You can choose between 2 designs.

1) Prosthesis bra for large breasts

2) Large bra in Cup K and J

Giant breasts XXXXL are hardly to be had in this quality and especially in this version with its extremely natural breast shape and surface coloring, which is hardly distinguishable from your own skin. Of course, you can retouch something with a camouflage if you want.

The slightly larger wartyard with already incorporated brown nipples complete the extremely great finish.

Weight: 2,300 g a/breast - 4,600 g both breasts
Width (back): 18.5 cm
Height: approx. 17 cm or slightly more
Length (back): approx. 22 cm

Oliver Brauser

Passt exakt

Mir passen diese sehr gut. Vielen Dank nochmals an Alexandra. Sie hat mich toll beraten.

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    Realistic giant breasts 5 kg

    Realistic giant breasts 5 kg

    Realistic giant breasts with a fabulous 4.6 kg

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