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Foam Pushup Pants
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Foam Pushup Pants Colors:available in 2 colours:a) skin-colouredb) black Sizes:S - M - L - X
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Push-up Slip in Pink
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Push-up Slip in Pinksuper-modern cut, sizes "S", "M", "L", for a crisp apple po
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Push-up underpants
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Push-up underpants with silicone insertsIf you lack female curves on the butt, you can conjure up a crisp,...
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PushUp Pants Po
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PushUp panties Silicone Po pants for a female, round apple po is 100 times washable.
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Push-up pants for butt & hips 

Push-up pants for butt & hips

Push Up Pants

for buttocks and hips

Next to our full-body suit, partial body ..............

I attach great importance to perfect body shape and feminine curves.
If you also feel more comfortable with a super-crisp butt and female hips, you are exactly right with us, because we carry many variations:
Push Up pants for the butt.
Push Up pants for buttocks and thighs.

There are several ways to do this.

Everyone has their own ideas! If you are already perfectly styled but still lack beautiful, feminine curves, then a push-up panties is just the thing.

1) Butt push-up panties as invisible lifting panties to form a perfect butt.
2) PushUp Pants Po with 2 silicone inserts
3) Padded hip butt thigh underpants - booster
4) Push Up Slip for a crisp butt
5) Push Up pants with solid foam filling
6) Wonderful PushUp underpants optionally with 2 silicone inserts for the butt

They all have something in common: feminine curves to feel good.
Most of the push-up products listed here are available in different colors and sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Push Up pants in foam are cheaper.
Push Up pants with silicone inserts feel more real and the panties can be washed separately.

If you have any questions, please write to us!