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Size information - "in cm"
Click on the corresponding brand to see the table provided.

If you already know your body measurements, you should still check the tables below, as body measurements and clothing sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

▶ Size table " GENERAL"
▶ Size table " GREY VELVET"
▶ Size chart " SARESIA "
▶ Size table " BELSIRA "
▶ Size table " OCULTICA "
▶ Size chart " DIRNDLINE "

clothing size-waist

How do I determine the size?

1) Height

It is best to stand against the wall without shoes and measure your height in cm from crown to sole.

2) Bust/bust size

If you wear silicone breasts, please determine the widest point over the breast.

3) Under bust measurement

Take the tape measure and measure your underbust circumference below your chest horizontally around the body.

4) Size

Make sure the measuring tape is not too tight. Determine your waist size as shown on the right (point 4).

5) waist circumference

Find the widest part of your hips and buttocks.

6) side length

The side length is the vertical measurement from the waist to the sole.

7) Inseam

As the name suggests, this is also the vertical length from the crotch to the floor.



Crossdresser Size Chart

Trans women often have 2-3 different dimensions. So it may be that you need a size higher for a dress than for trousers, a skirt or a T-shirt.

This depends on your stature (figure).

Crossdressers are often passionate disguise artists.

Everyone has their own ideas, fantasies and wishes.

Whether classic lady styles, schoolgirl costumes, sissy dresses or fetish outfits, everyone has their own preferences.

I myself am passionate about experimenting with different outfits.

It is always important to find the right clothing size so that it fits perfectly.

Tip: If your measurements are between two clothing sizes, you should choose the larger size.