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Giant bushes 3 to 6 kg

Giant breasts 3 to 6 kg

Gigantinos 9 to 22 kg

Gigantic silicone breasts 9 to 22 kg

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Naturally hanging breasts
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Naturally hanging breasts.The "Super-Natural" models are naturally hanging silicone bosodes.These hang...
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Silicone giant bosom 3.6 Kg
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Silicone giant with a total weight of 3.6 kg.
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Giant Silicone Mega Breasts
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Giant Silicone Mega Breasts made of high-quality silicone.
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Super silicone bust 6 kg
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Super silicone bust 6 kgis unique on the market.
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Giant breasts Gigantinos 

Giant breasts Gigantinos

Here you will find the largest silicone breasts on the market.

10 different versions belong here in the category "giant breasts":
punktBig mom the giant breast with 9kg
punktGigantinos - gigantic silicone breasts, 17kg / 22kg
punktGigantic silicone breasts, plump breasts with 10kg (special edition)
punktGiant breasts - gigantic, realistic silicone breasts, 4.6kg
punktBreast prostheses in open bra, with 3kg (weight reduction, scooping out)
punktSilicone breasts, the largest with chest height approx. 25cm, 10kg
punktSuperbreasts, height approx. 20cm, 6kg
punktGiant Silicone Mega Breasts, Height 15cm, 4.6kg
punktXXXL giant bosobees with 3.6kg
punktExtra Elderly Silicone Breast, Height 15cm, 2.3kg

All breasts are made of high quality silicone gel and are covered with a fine PU coat.
Unique high-quality design, long durability, realistic rocking and feeling when moving are the main features of all the giant breasts listed here.

Special development for all transgender people who have always wanted gigantic breasts.

We wish you a lot of fun wearing our giant breasts.