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Bra inserts
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Silicone inserts in size A - B Washable, not adhesive. Our customers are impressed by the aesthetic beauty...
Chest inserts - self-adhesive
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For those who want to create a small female breast, we recommend these self-adhesive breast inserts with...
Silicone inserts - drop mold - without...
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With these sweet insoles in drop shape, the biggest special feature is that they conjure up small breasts...
Silicone inserts - self-adhesive
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These self-adhesive insoles are perfect for you if you have a small breast yourself (whether man or woman)...
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Chest inserts Cup A to B 

Chest inserts Cup A to B

Breast inserts

In this category you will find small, sweet breast inserts in size A to B.
The breast inserts are also for women with small breasts who want to increase the bust by a basket size.

But crossdressers, transvestites or transgender people also enjoy it very much without spending a lot of money.

Although the prices of these products are very low, they are not cheap goods.

Our Cheap Breast Inserts are drop-shaped (tear) and covered with a high-quality PU film.

This makes the chest insoles more resistant and even after years of use they retain their shape. Furthermore, all our chest inserts are easy to clean with lukewarm water and some mild soap.

There are 3 basic differences in the products in the category "Cheap silicone breasts or breast inserts": a) "self-adhesive" or b) "non-adhesive" as breast insert
and in sizes A to B.

The lovingly incorporated nipples are always there. Thus, you reach a very natural appearance.

With our cheap chest inserts you can create a natural-looking bust in no time.
"You'll be very excited."

Achievable sizes:
Length from 13cm to 16.5cm
Width from 9.5cm to 12.5cm
Height from 4cm to 6cm
Weight of both breasts 240g and 700g

If you have any questions, please write to us.
We wish you a lot of fun while shopping and especially wearing our "small chest inserts".