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Silicone breast as bra - Transbra Plus
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Silicone breast as bra - Transbra Plus
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TransBra Plus 

TransBra Plus

Silicone Breast Bra Trans Bra Plus
In this concept, the female breast is constructed as a bra. The back of the Trans Bra Plus is very hollowed out and can be perfectly adapted even with the small breast present.

If there is no own breast, the supplied microfiber cushions provide an extremely great wearing feeling.

The straps are adjustable and adapt to your body so that you can do anything that is commonplace. The Trans Bra Plus has a matte PU sheathing and is made of very high quality silicone, so you'll have a lot of fun with it. Also the incorporated nipples, as well as the behavior when walking and jumping with the chest seem very natural.

If you want a different size or a different nipple color, you can contact us.
We also adjust the chest at no extra charge.

Available sizes: "F" and "H"

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