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Silicone bus top quality

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Breast prostheses Top quality

in all sizes and many combinations such as shape, nipple sizes, nipple color.
Realistic in design and touch.

Brand: Red Rose
No cheap goods!

Best value for money.

You will be thrilled, promised.

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Super realistic breast prostheses

Silicone busts in top quality

by Red Rose!

Classic Tria or Classic Tear are without liability.
If you want a liability, be it because of safety or when wearing bras, it is always possible to attach or glue the silicone busts with our medical adhesive or silicone adhesive strips. If the skin tone does not match your own skin color, these artificial breasts, especially the transitions can be made up and adjusted with Body Camouflage.

On the back, these silicone bosombles are somewhat hollowed out so that a possibly smaller own breast finds space in it. Thus all prerequisites are fulfilled in order to use these wonderful, artificial breasts also as "replacement breast after an operation" or as "breast enlargement".

Absolutely realistic, dreamlike soft as real breasts.
From the handle, these silicone busts are very realistic and equipped with a matt PU sheathing. This means that these silicone bosodas do not shine, as is often seen in low-cost products. Simply stlocal and unrealistic.
The shapely breast itself consists of medical, cross-linked very high-quality silicone gel and is hypoallergenic, thanks to the brand "Red Rose".
Silicone buses from Red Rose adapt wonderfully to your own body temperature and very quickly become your own part of you.

All silicone bosoves listed here are very durable, beautiful in shape, color and finish. A great wearing experience even for the night excellently suitable.

All breast prostheses are excellently processed. To put it in 2 words: "Top quality".

Silicone busts in many combinations:
(Note also the corresponding size tables and illustrations.)

Here you can combine yourself as you like:

Sizes: B, C, D, E, F, G and H

Brown (large warts)
Dark brown (large warts)
Pink (large warts)

0 = without warts
1 = delicate tone in pink - diameter wart 4cm
2 = brown nipples - diameter Warzehof 4cm
3 = brown nipples with large wart - diameter nipples 5cm
4 = extra large nipples in brown -diameter 4cm
5 = extra large pink warts -diameter 4cm

Auswahl der Brustwarzen für Silikonbusen

Tria (triangular shape)
Tear (drop shape)

The weight and sizes of the finishes can be found in the pictures! ***

Silikonbusen title=

These silicone breasts are excellent not only for beginners, but also for professional transgender (TG), crossdressers (CD), drag queens (DQ), women's wearers (DWT) and transvestites (TV).

You can clean our silicone breasts in top quality with hand-warm, normal soap yown. Please leave dry after washing in the air.

We deliver discreetly (only private address - no company notice) in a neutral cardboard box.

If you have a question, do so!
We wish you a lot of fun on our silicone bosom in top quality.

Silicone breasts sizeavailable in sizes B, C, D, E, F, G, H
Breast shapeTeardrop shape or triangular shape
Liabilitynot liable, with Haftpray or Tapes you achieve a super adhesion
Nippleswithout, with normal and large nipples
ColorNipples in colors brown, dark brown, pink

Top Qualität

Diese Brustprothesen liebe ich!

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    Silicone bus top quality

    Silicone bus top quality

    Breast prostheses Top quality

    in all sizes and many combinations such as shape, nipple sizes, nipple color.
    Realistic in design and touch.

    Brand: Red Rose
    No cheap goods!

    Best value for money.

    You will be thrilled, promised.

    From Vecha | 2021-07-17 22:41:33

    Die Silikonbusen in Topqulität, stimmt da in Cub D die Größenangabe 20,5 x 14,5 x 8 cm ?

    Meine „Alten“ hatten 20 x 15 x 7 cm, Cub C und passten in einen 85 C BH.
    Und ich möcht diese
    Größe gerne wieder haben.
    Die vom TransBra Full waren Mini klein und ich will nicht ständig zurück schicken müssen.


    Hallo Vecha,
    verstehe und denke mal; Du hast ein anderes Brustmodell gehabt.

    Es kommt auch etwas darauf an welche Form Du willst.
    Tropfenform-Tear oder Triangelform-Tria.

    Die Größenangaben stimmen jedenfalls ziemlich exakt.
    Vieleicht und sehr wahrscheinlich ist die Brust in Größe "C" das Richtige. (Tear-Form)
    Bei der Tria-Form ebenfalls Größe "C" nehmen.
    Denn wenn Du Cup 85 C trägst ist "D" eher zu groß, vorallem bei der Tria-Form.

    Es ist auch nicht so einfach für mich zu entscheiden.
    Falls Du doch umtauschen mußt/willst, dann ist es halt passiert.
    Schaffen wir auch.

    Hoffentlich konnte ich Dir ein wenig helfen.

    Liebste Grüße

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