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Transgender Blog

Transgender Blog

Crossdresser – The joy of changing roles

The term crossdresser mainly refers to people who wear specific clothing of a different sex.

This means that they move and dress in a gender in which they do not live continuously. The intentions for this vary. In part, they can be accompanied by fetishism, such as in women's underwear wearers.

Others want to dissolve the boundaries between the two defined genders. Accordingly, the reasons for crossdressing are just as individual as the crossdressers themselves.

What does crossdressing mean?
Another frequently used term is also that of the transvestite. The English word was introduced by heterosexuals in the 70s to stand out from homosexuals and transvestitism.

This distinction is not intended to play any further role in this text. Also because sexual orientation does not necessarily play a major role here.

In addition, the terms mixed again over time. Also, transvestites are not to be confused with transgender. Crossdressing is not a permanent change between the sexes, but it can be part of the identity of transgender people.

Ultimately, wearing certain clothes says little about whether someone is "trans." Because that, in turn, has little to do with the substance on the body, but with an inner feeling. However, crossdressing can be a door opener for someone who is transsexual.

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