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Overview artificial breasts

Overview artificial breasts

Silicone breasts and breast prostheses for transgender people.
Everything you need to know about breast prostheses.

Silicone breasts round off your feel-good body and let you have authentic breasts even without surgery. Both transgender and crossdressers, as well as organic women with small breasts, benefit from this simple, always adaptable and safe method of body shaping. The selection of silicone breasts is now large and offers the right model for you. We will tell you what types of silicone breasts there are, which model is right for you and what you should consider when buying breast prostheses.

Buy silicone breasts

We carry seven different types of artificial breasts in our shop. So you can buy the breast prostheses that best suit you and your wishes.

Self-adhesive silicone breasts

Self-adhesive silicone breasts are equipped with an extremely strong adhesive surface, which ensures a secure hold and an extremely comfortable and authentic wearing experience.

Silicone breasts without adhesion

However, the variant without an adhesive surface is also available if you prefer a silicone breast without self-adhesive properties. Breast prostheses without a special adhesive surface can be worn in a bra or one of our practical pocket bras, which provide even more freedom of movement.

Silicone breast as a bra

If you want to buy silicone breasts that you don't have to stick on or wear in a separate bra, then the silicone breast bra is the right choice for you. The silicone breasts have transparent bra straps that provide a tight yet very comfortable hold. You can adjust the length of the straps to your body so that the breasts fit perfectly.

Silicone breast in open bra

Similar to the silicone breast as a bra, the silicone breast in the open bra also offers a lot of freedom of movement. Here, the breast prostheses are inserted into an open bra and create a beautiful, sensually framed décolleté.

Cheap entry-level breasts

The cheap entry-level breasts are perfect if you want to buy your first breast prostheses and get a feel for them. They are made of high-quality materials, are just simpler and have fewer details than realistic nipples. These inexpensive models also conjure up a beautiful, feminine body.

Silicone breast as a torso

Do you want maximum support and maximum adaptability? The silicone breast with torso covers your chest and back and adapts to you like a second skin. Even sporting activities are easily possible with these models.

Giant Gigantinos

If you like it bigger and more eye-catching, then take a look at the giant breasts Gigantinos. These variants give you a cleavage that attracts attention and provides plenty of feminine curves.

What breast shapes are there to choose from?

Every woman, whether organic or transgender, is different and has her own needs. That's why we offer silicone breasts in different shapes. In this way, you can create the silhouette that makes you feel completely comfortable.

- Round breasts provide a voluptuous, tight cleavage.

- Triangular breast prostheses create a sensual silhouette.

- Teardrop-shaped and asymmetrical silicone breasts look particularly natural in their shape and imitate breasts most authentically.

Breast shapes

Which breast shape is right for you depends on your personal taste.

Do you prefer a lush cleavage or a subtle bust?

Each breast shape is beautiful in its own way and conjures up a beautiful, attractive bosom in no time at all.

If you want to buy silicone breasts, then think about whether you prefer it eye-catching or natural and take a look at the sample photos in our shop.


There are also differences in quality that you should consider when buying a breast prosthesis. All types of breast are of high quality and give you a wonderful breast shape.

There are models made of extra high-quality silicone, which almost feels like real skin. The nipples and nipples are particularly detailed and authentically worked out here and convey the feeling of a real breast.

If you are more concerned with your silhouette when dressed and you want to buy a cheaper version, then choose models made of conventional, but also good quality silicone. These models are not quite as authentic as those made of extra high-quality silicone, but they are still beautiful and feel fantastic.

If you are a crossdresser who only wants to wear the breasts every now and then or simply wants to buy cheap entry-level models, then the breasts made of foam rubber are suitable. They also create an enchanting and attractive silhouette.

Before you buy your breast prosthesis, ask yourself how authentic, high-quality and detailed you want your breast to be. Once you have decided on a quality, the last step is to choose from countless different models and shapes, as well as from many different fastening systems. Have fun st browsing and wearing!