Silicone Breastplate - Athena - Extra class with very fine edges

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Athena - Silicone Breastplate

Extra class with the highest quality, very fine lye edges.

75 variations: (3 size, 5 nipple nipple sizes in 5 different colors)

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Athena Silicone Breastplate

is a new development with very fine edges.

PLEASE NOTE: The Athena silicone breast has a delivery period of about 10 days.

For hygienic reasons ( Section 312 g para. 2 point 3 BGB ) this article is generally excluded from exchange and return.

With the Athena Silicone Breastplate you are offered a very high-quality, innovative product.

The Athena, just like our ultra-popular Aphrodite,is made of the finest silicone in loving lyh. Thanks to the no-membrane technology, you don't have to worry about it bursting when you sleep.
If the Athena is worn while sleeping, we recommend wearing a tight-fitting bra or elastic top so that the Athena does not slip.

You will be sure to be convinced of the real "feeling". The Athena Silicone Breastplate feels extremely lifelike and amazes with its realistic nipples.

The nipple color as well as the nipple size can be selected individually according to your preferences from our giant range. Even the very fine edges on the sides are hardly noticeable on the chest due to their great workmanship and thus ensure an even more lifelike feeling and convincing décolleté.

The Athena is super easy to create on its own. With the help of the Hollister haftspray, the Athena can of course also be worn fabulously without bra. In addition, it can be worn directly in the bra without the Hollister adhesive spray.

The Athena has a low concave, as well as reliably self-adhesive backside. In this way, they adapt wonderfully to every body shape. While wearing, the automatically adjust to the body temperature, so that after only a very short time there is no difference between your body and the breasts.

You can only order the Athena Breastplate in 3 different sizes from us. The delivery time is 1-2 business days.

SizeWeightChest heightBreast widthChest length
B-C1.4 kg81112
C-D1.8 kg101213
E-F2.3 kg131417

Here is the guide if you want to wear the Athena with NO bra:

1. Start removing all the glue slacks from your chest if there are any. Then clean the Athena with the washing lotion (cleaning agent for silicone breasts) and let it dry in peace. If it feels slightly sticky, that's a good thing.
2. After that you should take a shower, remove all hair and do not apply any kind of cream.
3. When the skin is dry again, please apply the "StayDry liquid" to reduce the build-up of sweat. However, you should not use any deo.

Apply a small layer of Hollister glue to the center of the breast shapes and let it act for about 5 minutes until it is no longer wet, but sticky.
5. Once this is done, you now re-enact the chest with Skin Tac Wipe and let it pass again for about a minute until the area becomes sticky.
6. Now you need to adjust the bosobs perfectly to your liking and press them slightly until they stick well to your skin.
7. Finally, you should lie down for about 10-20 minutes and in between press the Athena again slightly.
8. If you have done everything right, the breasts now hold very well and you can do what you enjoy.

Remember never to use too much glue when using the Athena.

Important notes:
To lose the breasts, please gently move from the outside to the inside. After that, you should replace all adhesives with the Hollister remover if you have used adhesive.
Then wash the breasts with the breast shape detergent.

Do NOT use silicone-based adhesiveson NO FALL as they contain solvents and can destroy your Athena.
The box in which the Athena comes to the is also used to store your sweet Athena Breastplate.

Athena Brustplatte mit sehr fein auslaufenden Ränder

Brustplatte Athena Breastplate

As mentioned earlier, you can also adjust the nipple color as you wish.

These nipple colors are available to you:

Brustwarzenfarbe der Athena Breastplate

Nipple sizes:

Warzenhof: 4.5 cm
Nipples: x 1.3 cm, 0.6 cm height

Warzenhof: 5 cm
Nipples: x 1.6 cm, 0.6 cm high

Warzenhof: x 6 cm
Nipples: 1.6 cm, 1 cm high

Warzenhof: 7 cm
Nipples: x 1.3 cm, 0.6 cm height

Warzenhof: 8 cm
Nipples: 1.6 cm, 1.3 cm high

1x Athena silicone plate of your choice

free and additional:
10x Skin-Tac care towels
1x Vial with breast shape detergent
1x Stay-Dry Spray


On our specially manufactured Athena silicone breasts we give you 1 year warranty on material or manufacturing defects!

Return or exchange (excluded)

All our handmade and absolute LUXUS silicone breasts as well are practically made to order and excluded from return or exchange. Since the Athena silicone breastplate has a self-adhesive back, something will always get stuck. Whether it's just small hair or small hair, it will never go without residues and therefore we have to completely rule out a return for hygienic reasons.

Please understand.You, too, will not like to wear something on bare skin that was already glued to another body. If you have any questions about sizes or colors, but really want to have the adorable Athena, please contact us in advance to clarify everything. We will find the right selection for you. All our customers are very enthusiastic and have not been criticized so far. This is very important to us. Otherwise, let it be better.

Nipple sizeWartyard: x 4.5 cm - x 5 cm - x 6 cm - x 7 cm - x 8 cm
Nipple colorRose Blush Cinnamon Chocolate Java

Das Beste was es gibt!

Wahnsinn! Was kann man sich mehr wünschen als diese hervorragende Brustplatte Athena!! :-) :-)

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    Silicone Breastplate - Athena - Extra class with very fine edges

    Silicone Breastplate - Athena - Extra class with very fine edges

    Athena - Silicone Breastplate

    Extra class with the highest quality, very fine lye edges.

    75 variations: (3 size, 5 nipple nipple sizes in 5 different colors)

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