Artificial fingernails in pink

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Artificial fingernails

High Class Version in Pink
Set of 2 - 20 artificial nails

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Men usually have wider fingernails.
Our artificial fingernails are especially suitable for men's hands, i.e. extra wide.
The largest nail width of 18mm usually fits any male hand.
You can shorten them or get them in shape the way you want.

Please note that, as with a woman, you have to shorten your natural nails to such an extent that your artificial fingernails do not protrude. In addition, you should clean your natural nails with alcohol or nail polish remover in advance.

You have 2 ways to attach the artificial nail.
1) with our Nail Tabs (note from our own experience)
Advantage: You do not need to remove the artificial nails with an artificial nail solver. Just peel off - done.
Disadvantage: a nail can loosen in case of inattention.

2) Fixing with this special nail adhesive.
Advantage: Up to 7 days of wearing time
Disadvantage: You absolutely need one or our artificial nail solver.
With this artificial nail solver, the nails can be easily detached without damaging your natural nails.

20 stück - 2 Sets High Class Pink Fingernails
up to approx. 7 days of wearing time


Breite Fingernägel, endlich gefunden

Schon immer war es mein Traum breite künstliche Fingernägel zu ergattern.
Nun habe ich sie gefunden.

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    Artificial fingernails in pink

    Artificial fingernails in pink

    Artificial fingernails

    High Class Version in Pink
    Set of 2 - 20 artificial nails

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