Artificial breasts - self-adhesive "G+"

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Artificial breasts - self-adhesive "G+" - with integrated nipples - self-adhesive.

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Achieving a basket size of voluminous G-size is no longer a big deal with these breasts.

The small brown nipples, which also convey a true-to-life look, are immediately incorporated. The breasts carry a very high volume, which helps that your breasts do not look "sharp" or similar, but very realistic.

The high-quality silicone is due to the beautiful soft and true-to-life consistency. The mold is held together by a high-quality layer of a thin PU film. Diede, however, does not restrict the unbelievable delicacy of the chest.

On the contrary: The PU film also make the bosom so supple and smooth and quantifies a very high quality.

Please keep in mind:
Cheap products are not equipped with such a PU sheathing and thus the shape of the artificial breasts can deform over time or even become specky.

You can of course wear anything you want to the bosom. With a normal bra, thanks to the self-adhesive surface or without bra (please include instructions for use).

Don't worry - the glue is washable. If the glue doesn't hold quite as strong as you wish, you can reorder it. The integrated nipples are in a naturally brown hue.

Weight of both breasts remarkable 2130 g (please keep this in mind)
Length 22cm
Width 17 cm

Height 10 cm


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    Artificial breasts - self-adhesive "G+"

    Artificial breasts - self-adhesive "G+"

    Artificial breasts - self-adhesive "G+" - with integrated nipples - self-adhesive.

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