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Amolux Diamond
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In an asymmetrical form, the Amolux Diamond silicone breast for crossdressers comes to you.With a pleasant,...
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Amolux Diamond 

Amolux Diamond

Amolux Diamond, perfect, silky soft replica of a real female breast.
"Made in Germany".
Silicone breast Amolux Diamond is self-adhesive. The liability extends to the entire edge area and they adapt very quickly to the own body temperature.

The medical silicone is ultrasoft and ensures an exact weight like a natural breast. So the behavior (rocking, swinging) when walking, running or jumping is very natural. When touching, no one will notice that it is a silicone breast.

Another feature are the selectable nipples, which are available in 4 colours and 3 sizes. So you can change at any time depending on the occasion or taste.

Amolux Diamond comes with cover pads. This means that you can also wear them in the pocket bra without any liability and can be used as self-adhesive or non-adhesive silicone breasts depending on the situation.