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Accessories for...

Here you will find accessories for silicone breasts such as nipples, nipples, adhesive sprays, adhesive cloths and other adhesives. Of course, glue residues and dirt should be cleaned again after repeated inserts of gluing.

For this purpose, you can order special, explicit cleaning agents. Especially with non-adhesive silicone breasts, which you have glued yourself, the adhesive residues should be removed more often.

You can also find self-adhesive nipples or nipples in different colors and sizes here.

Other accessories

Other additions such as earring adapters, unique shoe chains and lovely shoe clips as well as books and CDs by and for transgender can be found here in this category.

Adapters for earrings available in "normal version" or " forstud earrings" can help you to feminize your face quickly and easily.

We wish you a lot of fun stthe little utensils in our transgender shop.

Make-up & Cosmetics
Tips and information about accessories special items for trans women and all who want to transform themselves into women.

Proper care of our products is also important. This applies especially to articles for the chest, masks or pads made of silicone.

It is almost exclusively high-quality silicone, which is also used for breast operations in the medical field.

So - my recommendation,
occasionally cleanse and care for everything. Then you will have fun for years and will end up being cheaper.

Self-adhesive breasts can be refreshed. Non-adhesive products retain their appearance and smell very good. Wigs are washed and maintained with special shampoo and the right balm. This greatly increases the durability of your wig and makes it look fresh again and again.

Surely you would also like to medically remove and nourish any adhesive residues on your skin. Decide for yourself what you need, because this can be very beneficial.


Accessories such as gloves, jewelry, belts ...

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Fingernail Glue - Precision
1 Test (s)
Fingernail glue »Precision« with precision tip for precise application
Amoena Soft Cleanser Travel Tube
1 Test (s)
Amoena Soft Cleanser Travel Tube Handy, practical and good. 30ml vialSet of 5 or 10Perfect care and...
Amoena Soft Cleanser
1 Test (s)
Amoena Soft Cleanser, the perfect preparation and cleaning for your artificial breasts.
Loop belt
1 Test (s)
This loop belt in black or pink feminizes your waist. Material:Bow SatinBelt strap made of solid rubber
Adhesive strips for Classic Velcro...
1 Test (s)
The adhesive strips for "Classic Velcro silicone breasts" are a special fastening system.It behaves like a...
Adhesive set for self-adhesive breasts
2 Test (s)
Adhesive set for silicone breasts
Braunung Powder Highlighter
1 Test (s)
Tanning powder Tanning powder is a product that allows you to instantly give your face a summery glow.
lower lash line
1 Test (s)
False eyelashes (lower lash line)(very rare) They are a few high-quality eyelashes, 100% made of human hair.
Shoe clips in 4 variations, Accessories New
Shoe clips in 4 variations
1 Test (s)
Unique, interesting way to make shoes individually! To use with the idea of shoe-clips, give Your shoes a...
V-Tape waterproof
2 Test (s)
Double-sided adhesive tape V-Tape For attaching all our breasts from the range.Extreme adhesion,...
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Accessories & Make-up 

Accessories, Bonding & Cleaning 1 Bild für Zubehör Silikonbrüste
Make-Up & Cosmetics Bild für Make-Up und Kosmetik Zubehör
Other Accessories Bild für Sonstiges Zubehör

With us you can of course choose the appropriate accessories so that you can feel even safer and your silicone breasts are firmly attached in all situations.

High-quality products or fasteners such as adhesive spray, adhesive wipes, special adhesive set for women's masks and also adhesive spray remover can be very helpful to you to have long fun with your beloved breasts and/or masks always clean ready.

Of course, you may want to equip your breast prosthesis without nipples these with nipples. Or do you want longer nipples? No problem. Here you will find everything you need to have fun transforming from man to woman.

Also books, CDs or earring adapters as well as a sweat barrier spray and unique shoe clips or shoe chains, Everything is available directly from us.

Makeup tips for transgender


Not only body sculpting, clothing or a cute wig transports you to the transgender world, but also really good makeup.

In some situations we transwomen want to look "all natural".
Other times, however, we also like to "stand out".

We transgender people often want to help a little to have fun in the trans world, or also to feel safer.

This includes the charisma of the face and thus a beneficial make-up with really good make-up.

Case you want to enchant yourself to the hot drag queen? For this later or look at the videos below.

Do you want to learn more about what to look out for? Then continue here.

Not only the ham itself but the knowledge about certain preparations can be beneficial for you.

For example, on the first day of my "makeup career" I looked like a shrill parrot. My wife asked me, "Is it carnival already?"

Products suitable for you!

Evening make-up
How do I remove my beard? (Shave)
Medical beard removal
Foundation (Primer)
Face Mak-up
Eyebrow make-up
Eye make-up
NoseDay make-up

I wish you a lot of fun at stöbern and if you have any questions - please do so. I advise everyone very gladly and have myself tested many things and thus also gained experience.

Here you will also find great tricks that could help you with make-up: